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I finished the potato chip game



...unless someone finds a bug in it. I'll hook up my Atari 2600 and play it on that tomorrow to test for screen jumpiness. But for now I achieved what I wanted to do with this game: Make a 6-level game where potato chips shoot at onion rings. Although the potato chip was supposed to be a hamburger but I couldn't put in a hamburger because of the missile changing colors to correspond with the color it's currently sharing with the burger. Although the 2600 Mario Bros. programmer didn't really care. But I do.


So basically the goal is to get 9,999 points. After having some trouble with that. I (wisely) tested it to see if it would work if it was #99, but apparently #99 and #$99 are two different things. It works with the dollar sign. And also, I made it so the score won't roll back to 0000 in case you want to take a picture of your lovely score achievement. I want this published in the Atari Age store, but Al has ignored me in the past, so I'm not giving my hopes up on it.


I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep (an "odd" activity for 1 p.m., but oh well) when the $ thing dawned on me. I just don't know what to do. I never feel good any more. I suppose I must have eaten too many peanuts. I got a bag of peanuts with the shells still on them hoping that would prevent me from eating too many, but I guess it didn't.

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