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Crash Fix: Nintendo 3DS XL - Black Screens with only Blue LED lit



[#052] yesterday I dusted off my 3DS to show my oldest daughter a few games that showcase the 3D effect. At some point she went back to reading her book for school (good girl!) and I made my way over to the Badge Arcade app, which is a claw machine type game where you win different sprites spanning across several first-party & third-party series. the past few years have been first party only probably due to contract expirations with the likes of Capcom among others. Sadly, I'll never finish collecting the remaining Mega Man characters I'm missing. you get 2 free plays per day unless you want to pay $1.00 from your account for 5 more plays. I have never spent real money on this game but throughout the years have collected over 1,500 badges. and I've fired up the game a lot more than 750 times because sometimes (a lot of times) I would miss grabbing a badge and end up winning 1 (or none) for that day.


To make a long story short, Badge Arcade's server must have been offline or perhaps shut down for good. This made my system freeze and when I went to reset it, I got only black screens and a solid blue LED. Tried to do a hard reset several times, which gave me the same result. I looked online for a fix, and there were several different sites stating different things like let the battery drain, remove the battery and SD card, etc etc.


I happened to try something on my own and to my surprise and delight, it worked the first time:

1. perform a hard shutdown by holding down the power button for 10+ seconds

2. while the system is still off, hold down the HOME/START/SELECT buttons and then hit the power button.

3. boom, you're good to go.


I hope this info helps someone in the future.

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Interesting you mention this game. I had been playing it a few years ago when it first released, but after some time when I had the system in sleep mode and I think the battery died. I had a similar issue. Only what happened in my case is that somehow the actual SD card inside the 3DS had corrupted itself and was preventing the system from booting at all. It wasn't until I removed it that it would even boot up again. When I reinserted the SDcard, it would still boot up but I then found all of my progress on quite a few games seemed to have been wiped out. One of those, was the Badge Arcade. I really didn't feel like starting over so I removed it off my 3DS and never desired to put it back on. I've also never had an issue with the 3DS like that since so I'm not saying the game was to blame for what happened...but it was the app that was running at the time the system was in sleep mode and ran outta juice.



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I recently dusted off my 3DS as well












Info in this topic if you're interested in installing emulators on your 3DS. This reply is for installing an FTP server on the 3DS - I don't have to remove the SD card anymore.






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