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So I finally figured out how to make music for this thing. I had to download yet another tracker. Now I have like 4 trackers on this computer. Game Boy, NES, Game Gear, and now Genesis. I also made the elephant jump when you press A. Unfortunately I could not get gravity working since the elephant would land at various y positions, that would look horrible.sbasic_011.png.7f2a882018fe39533f98e0afc7d0f1ef.png

It took hours to figure out the correct values to read, so now I think if the elephant stops being on a ground, he'll begin to fall. I won't know for sure until I put some things in the game. I put in a different sprite for the elephant jumping. This elephant is special, though. Elephants can't jump. Now I sit and wait for the Everdrive to come...

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The mention of jumping elephants made me think about Fred Grey's quote on Mermaid Madness for the C64:

"The main character in the game was so fat, I decided to use ballet music. Hehe!"

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