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The F stands for food



I am back working on Channel F again. I had some new positive thoughts for the sixth game I tried to program earlier. So I began to work on it some more.

I also discovered the title screen music wasn't looping, so I had to fix that.

And, which is new, I made the menu more legible.


While this looks better, I don't know if it will all fit on a TV. I also had to shorten a few game titles. I guess unfortunately the guy who was making the Channel F flashcarts is apparently not going to be making them after all, so that's a downer. The new menu will make its debut in version 34.

I think this game will remain at 30k, since I have no more room on the menu for another game. Not only that, I don't have another few ideas for games to put in here. So this, the elephant stomping grapefruit game for Genesis, and ugly uppity umpire for Game Boy are the only games I am working on right now.


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