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Game Boy stuff I played tonight (3/23/2023)



I decided to play some Super Game Boy. I put in Earthworm Jim. It froze a few times, then froze at the boss. Angry at it for doing that, I turned it off and wondered if my Super Game Boy was broken. It wasn't the Super Game Boy's fault, the cartridge was dirty. I remember this game being really hard when I played it on the SNES eons ago. Turns out my memory is not faulty, I got to the point where there's a snowman popping up all over the place. I tried everything to kill it but I couldn't, so I gave up.

Then I played a bit of Casino Fun Pak. For a change of pace that doesn't test one's reflexes. I started out with $10,000 and played a bunch of video poker and got to $10,060 before I got tired of that.


One odd thing to note is it should tell you RIGHT AWAY if you won or not. No, you have to press a button to do that. I saw I had a pair and I thought it would tell me that, but I got tired of waiting so I pressed a button. Then up popped the message telling me I won.


I played a course of Wario Land. It took me several times to beat the level 1 boss. My timing was off on the jumps to avoid his spiky shell moving back and forth. I am wondering if I could have done that better on a real Game Boy. Then I beat the first course of Teapot Mt. (which is level 2 for those unfamiliar with the game.) It helps a lot to have infinite lives and infinite coins and a power up whenever you want. (press pause then select 16 times, then use A+left or right to change the values in the counters, and press A+B+left for a power up if you have the cursor on Wario's head.)


EVERY game should have a code like that, though I doubt it would help me further in Earthworm Jim since the problem was I couldn't figure out how to beat the mini boss. I am hoping playing video games instead of eating will help me lose weight. My problem is once I start eating it tastes so good and then I can't stop.  Perhaps I should start eating disgusting food, like fruits and vegetables.


At least my Super Game Boy still works.


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