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Long time readers of my blog have noticed that sometimes I like to do and make crosswords. I attempted to make one. I called it a "chrisword" because it wasn't that good of a crossword. So I decided to try to make it better with a differing black square layout. Something else I wanted to do was make a 15x15 crossword with less than 60 clues. The very first Chrisword has 58 clues. http://www.atari2600land.com/crosswords/15x15/chrisword1.pdf


I fought for a long time with Libre Office trying to get the grid picture to a place I wanted it to be in the document. Eventually I got everything nice and proper. I also got rid of some of the more questionable answers and replaced them with better ones.


I have a collection of crosswords that have the last clue number in the grid <50. I don't know why. Recently, my local paper stopped carrying the New York Times crossword and instead carries the USA Today one, which has way less of those type. I only have one instance out of around eight months or so.


Libre Office is what I use to make crosswords. I make a table 15x15, enough to put one letter per square in it. And then I put black squares in. And then I fill in the rest of the squares with letters, making words as I go. It's a lot easier if I have a theme to work with.


So anyway, that's what I do sometimes. Especially when I get super bored and don't want to work on video games. I'm kind of burned out on programming, but I keep doing so, but I've been doing it less. I'm not sure whether or not I'll release Six² for the Odyssey or not. I'd need to find some mailing tubes to mail them in. I haven't been out very much in a while. The overlays are supposed to come in the mail today, so I'll see how big they are.


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