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I'm leaving AtariAge.

Al sold his soul to the devil. That never is a good idea. Because of this, I have made the decision to leave the forums for good. I don't want to be posting in the forums of a zombie company, so I guess I'll be leaving now. I won't be gone for good, you can still catch me on the Video Game Sage forums. I am the user named "GameGearGuy," but I guess I should change my username there, so I may. Thanks for the 17 years (!) of fun, but I think it's time to move on to a more trusting forums since Al

The Ants

I was getting ready to write a blog entry when I noticed my computer needed updating. Why it does who knows, perhaps just to annoy people. I don't want to update my computer any more. Is there a way to turn off checking for updates? It makes my computer unusable for at least 10 minutes every time it feels like annoying me.   Anyway, I was looking through my old CDs and DVDs when I came across a CD that had The Beatles' Rubber Soul and Revolver on the same disc. I only liked a few songs


I had a comic idea. It was a wonderful one. It made me chuckle. I wish I remembered it. I went to sleep without writing it down.   So 6 more comics will be on my comic site starting August 21. I made a new icon for it. I've been making these off and on this year. I also worked on My History Teacher Ate Lemons some more. I had to wait about 40 minutes for my other stupid computer to update. All I wanted to do was scan my page of comics. It made me pine for the days when computers d

Health update

Well, the good news is I don't have diabetes. The bad news is I have to get an ultrasound next week to see if I have fatty liver.   I swear, the lab techs had to poke me at least 5 times to get any blood out of me. And they had to get a lot out of me for my ultrasound next week apparently. It hurt quite a lot, but I guess I should be glad that ultrasounds don't hurt. Mom said it didn't hurt for hers (when she was pregnant with me).   I just wish they would leave me alone is a

Doctors are stupid.

My blog entry I wrote got flagged for content so I'll start over again.   So apparently my dumb doctor wants to see me about my blood test results. So now I have an appointment for next Friday at 11:45am. I bet he's going to tell me I have diabetes. Well you know what? I don't care! I'm not going to do anything special about it.


I can't sleep. So I decided to look through my computer for stuff to do when I came across a comic book I drew 3 years ago of Stupidman. It was only legible because I replaced my horrible handwriting with text. I decided to put what I had on the internet to share with you all. In Issue 1 we had this stupid thing called Covid. So I drew a comic about an evil persistant little guy inspired by Mr. Mxyzptlk called Mr. Divoc.   So now I am going to attempt to sleep. But before I go to sleep

The "Mr. Nimrod" mystery.

So I was looking at comics I drew as a kid. I picked up a certain one, a Mad-like comic book. It had 13 pages (a busy kid!) It was dated Fall 1993. Going through its pages, I found a comic called "Mr. Nimrod." Mr. Nimrod was a talking horse. But I don't remember there being a talking horse in 1993 called "Mr. Nimrod." Mr. Nimrod was in a list of people I made fun of on the cover, and is noted with such names as Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Roseanne, etc. So I'm at a total loss as to who Mr.

The story of Rapunzel

I need your help in trying to understand something: the fairy tale of "Rapunzel." You know, sounds simple. But not when you think about it. You know the story, the gal with the really long hair stuck in the high tower and the prince comes along and says "let down your hair!" So he can climb up it...and do what? He can't save the princess if he's stuck up there, too. Sure, he could get down again by climbing down Rapunzel's hair again, but that wouldn't help because she'd still be stuck up there.


I worked some more on that chrisword puzzle. I worked some more on a music composition I had begun about a year ago and never got around to finishing. And then my eye started to hurt. I took some chewable aspirin. It was disgusting even though cherry flavored. Then I barfed a whole bunch. Barfed up all I had eaten that day. Went to lay in bed and soon I felt another urge. So I went to the bathroom and barfed a whole lot more. Felt a little better, but I needed to go to sleep. Sleep is usually wh


Long time readers of my blog have noticed that sometimes I like to do and make crosswords. I attempted to make one. I called it a "chrisword" because it wasn't that good of a crossword. So I decided to try to make it better with a differing black square layout. Something else I wanted to do was make a 15x15 crossword with less than 60 clues. The very first Chrisword has 58 clues. http://www.atari2600land.com/crosswords/15x15/chrisword1.pdf   I fought for a long time with Libre Office t

Interest fading

I'm beginning to have fading interest in programming video games. It seems like too much work. I love working on my stuff...if I love it. I don't like it if I have to force myself to work on something I don't want to do. So I don't. Something new has taken up my time lately: Music composition. I have found myself in the middle of making an album of sorts.   I like making music. It's something I've been doing ever since I was a young adult. I still have some of the first songs I made on

Art imitating life.

It's hot in my room compared to the rest of the house. I call my room "the oven." I decided that since I'd need a battery save for the VB game I was planning and I don't know how to do that, I'd just as well quit working on it. So I did. I don't know if a password would do well since I'd need to keep track of the health. I did that in Frank the Fruit Fly for the Pokemon Mini, but the passwords are easy to figure out in it.   So I thought I'd make some comics since I was behind on them.

Seeing red: Goshzilla

So I got bored.   I'm really hot, so I probably won't sit in front of the computer much since it's hot in my room. I hate spring and summer. It's too hot. It's 76 degrees right now, so I'm not really in the mood to work for long periods of time like I do when it's colder.

Eating a raw potato

Hash browns. I like hash browns. So I thought I'd get some. That turned out to be a big mistake.   Another mistake was putting it in the freezer when it said "Keep refrigerated." After about 20 minutes of trying to thaw, I just put them in the microwave. I looked at the instructions. It said to fry in a skillet. I'm not gonna do that! So I got it hot and took it out and took a bite. It was terrible.   Not one to waste money, I kept eating. I added salt. It was like eating a r

Presenting...The Ants!

I was working on a piece of music. I began composing what I hope to be a long symphony. But who would I want to attribute it to? I needed to think of a fictitious band name. So I began thinking. I thought about the Beatles. Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Then it hit me: The Ants! They will be The Ants! I got bored and wanted to take a break from the Adventures of the Stalk of Celery for the Channel F.   I put what I have on my website, so you can listen to it. If you listen to it, you'l

Easter rabbits

I woke up at 2 p.m. As usual. But what was unusual today is the fact that I was sneezing and blowing my nose a lot. Eventually I settled down after a few hours (and about a third of a roll of TP later.) I didn't do anything special. I spent a lot of the day working on my Yum! Game Gear game. And when I was done with that, I sat down and tried to think of six comic strip ideas.   I've decided to bring back my comic strip about three rabbits for my webcomic page. I have Sundays built up

It's Amazing! (issue 1)

Last month I was on a Weekly World News kick. I enjoyed reading all of the stupid stories I could find. And I thought "I could do stuff like that!" So I decided to start. (By the way, names of publications are underlined, not in quotes. I learned that by watching Jeopardy!) So I made my own and it's now on the website for everyone to (hopefully) get a chuckle or two out of.   It's Amazing! is a lovely e-zine IMHO. Each 8-page issue (I'm only one guy) will have lovely news stories from

Hour Glass

So I was going through my computer and found something interesting. I had attempted a "revival" of the TV show called "Hour Glass." Why? I don't know. I first found it while looking through my gigantic book of the history of TV (over 1,700 pages!) I guess just for my own amusement to see if I could do it. I don't know if I should make it black and white or in color. I tried to make it in the style of early TV. But it's in color. But forget that for now, I still have to make 58 more min

Crappy 10-line code

So I noticed there was a 10-line BASIC game programming contest, and thought "What could I make that would only take 10 lines to do?" I thought about that Running Zyx game I made for the Jaguar. I put in a blueberry and called it "Blueberry Blast". Just a little crappy program I have decided not to enter into the contest due to the fact it will probably come in dead last. I began work yesterday and finished it up today. I have no idea how they do the stuff they usually do for the 10 li

I was an industrious kid.

So I was a kid. It all happens to us (well, except for babies.) And, as a kid, I made a whole bunch of stuff. Mostly magazines and comic books. As I grew older, I made more things, mainly video games and crossword puzzles. But I still have the urge to make magazines I had like I was a kid.   I found one of my old magazines I made when I was a kid. I probably made it in the doctor's office waiting to make sure my allergy shot didn't overreact like I did every week. Unfortunately it does

I learned how to update my old website.

So I guess I wasted $120 setting up atari2600universe.com. Oh well. The problem was I wasn't using the new File Manager which just happened to show up overnight for me. I was using the old File Manager, which was way better. This new File Manager is a hunk of garbage. I guess I can't center images any more, which is really stupid.   They have this thing called HTML Editor which you can go in and type new stuff to a site, and by doing so, it wrecks the positioning of images and forces t

Atari 2600 Universe is born!

So Atari 2600 Land has bit the dust. The attempt to update the site was blocked by some very rude person at Turbify who didn't speak English very well and hung up on me. So I said "Screw this!" and went to another hosting company. Now the lovely address for all my stuff is www.atari2600universe.com. I just now created it so there's not much on the new site, just the .gb for the latest Frank the Fruit Fly. If you go to the website, you'll see an announcement for something called "It's Amazin

Boggle puzzle.

I was introduced to this type of wordfind in 2017 through an issue of Games magazine. Basically following the rules of Boggle, but with themes, like a word find. I thought to myself , "Gee, this looks simple enough, I think I can make some of these." Six years later I have collected them all I made and put them on a website. I usually think up of a theme and then try to think of at least eight words to fit in a 5x5 grid. I made these all .pngs, but starting with the next one, I have decided to m


I have been working on a new webcomic strip series. It's a serial. Each Wednesday, Stupidman's adventures continue. And when one ends, there will be another one. This is in addition to the one I make every Sunday. And if you think these are crap, you should have seen them BEFORE I cleaned them up and replaced the text. Plus, I'm just doing this to reduce my boredom while I'm living. I plan to live forever. Even after the sun explodes, I'll still be here, living in pain because my body got charre

26 squares and deja vu

So last year I thought up of a new thing to make called "26 Squares". It is a crossword consisting of 26 squares, one square for each letter of the alphabet. I thought the English language would be varied enough for this. But I just finished making #26 and already I'm having to force myself to limit certain words, especially the ones with q, x, j, and z in them. Short words, like "vex", or "fix", or "box", "zap", words like that. It gets really hard to do when you outlaw certain words.  
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