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Work continues on Minigame Mayhem after some time away from it. Decided that C is better than ASM, so I'm going to work on C some more. I use C to program for Virtual Boy. I couldn't sleep last night, so I made an image of Kablammo and put it on the PVB Discord server and went to sleep. I finally went to sleep around 1 or 2 or so. Woke up at about noon and worked some more on it.


There can only be four bombs on the screen at once. (Well, it could be more, but that would require more work.) If there are and it's time for the robber (named Robbert) to throw a bomb, he'll wait until there's a bomb free to drop it. I made it so this can be done at different speeds, like levels. The plate can't move quite yet, that will be next on the agenda.


I also attempted again to redesign Supper Mario so it uses the rng instead of adding all the time. I think I actually got it working now.


And I guess since it hasn't frozen once all season, that means the ants have to come back on the kitchen counter. And my bathroom. One place they don't show up is my room. I make sure to never eat in it so they don't. Because I don't want ants crawling all over me while I sleep.


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