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Old GOAT: Part 3 of Ultima IV!



Alright, let's keep doing the Ultima IV thing on tonight's Mark W Plays Old Games on a Thursday!

Estimate start time is tonight, Jan. 18, 8:30pm Eastern Time.


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The tl;dw on last night's Ultima IV Old GOAT: I explored a few new towns, acquired two new party members (Dupre the Paladin and Julia the Tinker) and found that equipping everyone with bows is awesome 🙂 (Poor Dupre is actually stuck with a sword for now.) So now we have four of the maximum eight characters. Feels like the party is growing pretty quickly. 😁


Also finally got to acquiring spell reagents and mixing some spells, including several Cures (which cures poison) which helped for the several times we got poisoned 🤮 and we found the Shrine of Sacrifice as well.


My plan is to do a small amount of grinding offline to get Dupre a bow as well, and upgrade Julia's armor. maybe try to do a bit of leveling up and getting more spells mixed as well.

then we shall resume the Quest of the Avatar on the next Old GOAT!


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