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1 On 1 Soccer



So I made a game called "1 On 1 Basketball" for the Odyssey 2. I felt like I should make a whole bunch of "1 on 1" Sports titles. Even though they already have been made. A while back I began work on a game called "1 on 1 Soccer." I gave up or quit working on it for some reason. Well, I got back to work on it today. I made it so that the longer you press fire the longer you'll kick the soccer ball.


I don't know if there is a soccer game like this yet for the Odyssey 2 or if they're all like Foosball. If there is an actual soccer Odyssey 2 game then good for them for making one. If not, then this is the game for you (that is, if you like soccer.)


I haven't added the goals in yet, so all you can do is make the players kick the ball around. I've used up 1,016 of a possible 2,048 bytes so far. So that's what I've been doing. I've also been working on making my Pokemon Mini game a collection of games instead of just one. But I don't feel like working on that for now.


Next thing I will work on is making the ball ricochet off the other player while the ball is moving around.



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