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3 ghosts

So I put three ghosts in the game. I have 8 bytes left in that bank. I didn't think I would have enough room but I apparently do. But I tried it on a real Odyssey 2 and the life counter blinks when a letter is gotten. I'm going to try to move the score and life counter down to the bottom of the screen so it doesn't do that any more. I don't think I can make a letter as black as the background.


atari2600land in Chris's Second Odyssey

Third floor, onyx

I tried to make Yars' Revenge on the Odyssey 2, but I got to the point where I was going to put the qotile in the game. So I put the qotile in the game but it doesn't move in lock step with the shield characters like I wanted it to. I tried putting the qotile drawing code in various places, but nothing seemed to work. I guess I'll pick it back up later as I wanted to work on Odyssey 2 coding, but not with tiny issues like that not working the way I wanted them to.   So I went back to w


atari2600land in Chris's Second Odyssey

a TED talk

I worked all weekend on The Golden Q Quest. I made a little program where I can check the coordinates of the rooms. I put the grid data in and move the dot around and it tells the x and y data of the dot so I can use that info accordingly. Using that, I made the second floor of the pyramid. I think I finally found the problem of why it wasn't exiting room 2 correctly. I think it was because I had got the coordinates wrong. So I corrected it and it seems to work okay now.   So I put in

Two ghosts

Spent all day working on getting a second ghost in level 2. I finally suceeded, but noticed it wasn't moving. So I spent about 3 hours getting the ghost to move. I think I finally did. I noticed something though: when the guy keeps banging against the wall, the game slows down. I made it so that only happens on level 1. Because level 1 is done and I don't know how I fixed it. I'll make it a "feature". The score is missing and I know why. The life counter starts at 0 and I know why that

ruby R and silver S

I worked all day yesterday on this. About 10 hours of programming was spent trying to make this game work. And at about 9:30 p.m., I got it working. I am almost out of room. I used 1,980 bytes out of a possible 2,084. But I got the first part done. So now that it's done, here's the plan:   The Odyssey 2 always starts in the last bank. If it's a 2k program (like it is now), it will just start. But if it's a 4k program, it will start in bank 2 out of 2. But if it's an 8k progra

Illinois Smith and the Jade j

I worked on the game this morning, trying to get a treasure in a room. I got the ghost moving. I got the treasure in the room. I made it so if the treasure is gotten in a room, the room gets locked. There is the rare, semi-precious Jade j that Illinois Smith (use your imagination) needs to get. This all takes place within a pyramid and the ghosts are the mummified spirits guarding the letters. Remember that ghosts can go through the walls. Believe it or not, that is actually easier to

Venture clone

I am in the beginning stages of making a clone of Venture for the Odyssey². My "Q" adventure game doesn't seem to be really connecting with me so I've decided to drop that and instead work on this. And work I did. It took a few hours and tons of retries but I finally got the beginning of it. It took FOREVER to figure out why the dot was going through the walls. But I figure I somehow magically put screen display code in the correct place now. And when I say "early" I mean early. The ti

I don't know what to do!

So I was looking through my website when I ran across this project using the letter q that I forgot about. Luckily I have saved my .a48 (code) for the game just in case I forgot about it and wanted to look at it if I rediscover it (which I did). So I have come into a quagmire. I have a question: Which q project should I continue? Or should I work on both at the same time? I don't know. I know the Odyssey² needs more games like "Q", but at the same time, "Quirky Q's" is a lot more interesting to

Reverse insomnia.

I have a disease called "reverse insomnia" now. I made it up, but I still have it. It's when once you go to sleep, you don't want to wake up. I fell asleep at about 2 a.m. last night. I got up briefly at around 4 p.m. or so and then went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 7:30p.m. But the problem is, if you told me to go to sleep now, I could sleep for a long period of time. But since 7:30 I have been fighting to stay awake. It led me to the Quirky Q's program.   I thought I was do

quirky q's

So I have been hard at work working on an Odyssey² game called "Quirky Q's." It's about getting q's in various ways. Our intrepid q lover (who bears a striking resemblance to Pac-Man), can't get enough of the quality letter q. But what would a game be without an enemy? Enter the q hater. He hates the letter q so much he wants to stop anyone who likes the letter q from getting any. I worked on this so long these past couple of days.   I had insomnia. I kept thinking of ways to make the


I don't like the letter q. It seems so redundant. You could just as easily spell "quick" as "kwick" and if you say both, none would be the wiser as to their spelling. So am I an alien? I am going to make a game called "Q Haters" for the Odyssey 2. If you press 1 at the "SELECT GAME" screen, you'll start the game. All I have is a level intro screen that in my opinion looks rather cool, like you're going down a tunnel, which is what I wanted it to look like. And I plastered the words "NEW LEV

Can You Canoe?

I went and returned to work on my canoe game since someone posted good things about it on the videopac.nl forums, which I just learned will be closing in April. I'm wondering whether I should buy it to keep it open. But I don't know how much it would cost.   Anyway, once I got it working, I tested it on a real Odyssey 2. It still had some problems. So I went back to work on it. Now I think all the problems are gone. I had to fix some things to make everything appear on the screen. Appa

New Odyssey² project: Dynamorb

This wizard is under attack by lots of mean evil creatures. What's more he's stuck inside different mazes! His only protection is the Dynamorb, a big ol' orb of force he can summon and hurl at those dumb enemies. (You'll have to use your imagination a little.)   So I added shooting the Dynamorb into my game. To throw the Dynamorb, you just press Action. I mean, how easier can it get? I had a version, but shooting diagonal was a little wonky, so I fixed it. I tried adding a ra

A new Odyssey² project possibly.

Someone over on the videopac.nl forums suggested someone make Wizard of Wor for the Odyssey². The same guy who suggested someone make Turmoil, which I did and renamed it "Tunnels of Terror," so I decided to try to attempt to bring Wizards of Wor for the Odyssey². One problem: I've never played Wizard of Wor before.   That, however, did not stop me from going ahead and working on a new game involving a guy going around in a maze. If Wizard of Wor doesn't work out, I could always turn it
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