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Mind your qs

I tested the game yesterday last night. It had a whole bunch of issues on a real Odyssey 2 that I needed to fix. I spent two hours trying to get the score not to go wacko when the q wasn't on screen until I discovered I needed to set the Q y position when it's not on the screen. I haven't run into that problem before. I got rid of the steps sound last night, but I woke up today and just tried to get them back in. Success, except the Q sometimes disappears mid-screen. So I am going to turn it int

Mind your ps and qs

I came back to work on my Odyssey² game again. I was working on a version of Oranges only involving letters. You control the X and he must rescue the ps and avoid the os. Occassionally a Q comes up you don't have to get, but if you do get you get 20 points for it. This is all part of my X vs. O game I have been working on. I've used up about 1,400 of my available 2,048 bytes in the bank where this is located. Lucky for me, I'm pretty much almost done with it now that I've added the Q.

1 On 1 Soccer: bouncing around

So I thought that would be a simple thing, to make the ball stop when it hits a player. But it turned out to be a very long complicated process. I thought I was done at around 3 a.m., so I went to sleep. I didn't get up until about 2 p.m. I checked something on it and found I wasn't done. So I worked until about 6 p.m. fixing things. It's about 6 p.m. right now. It is so hot in here. It's 58 degrees right now. And what's worse I have a full head of hair.   NOW I am at a stopping point

1 On 1 Soccer

So I made a game called "1 On 1 Basketball" for the Odyssey 2. I felt like I should make a whole bunch of "1 on 1" Sports titles. Even though they already have been made. A while back I began work on a game called "1 on 1 Soccer." I gave up or quit working on it for some reason. Well, I got back to work on it today. I made it so that the longer you press fire the longer you'll kick the soccer ball.   I don't know if there is a soccer game like this yet for the Odyssey 2 or if they're a

Gimme a P!

So with my Game Gear game finished, I went back and resumed work on my X Vs. O game. I think the problem with my Game Gear programming is due to me not having good drawing capabilities. So I turned to real-life pictures. But I guess I didn't do very well with that. So I decided to turn to a console that you don't need a drawing skill to work on: The Odyssey 2.   I thought why not make the Os characters. I had it working but then I remembered that characters can't overlap each other. So

X vs. O - avoid-an-o

I tried to make it look better, but the computer was having none of it. It just gave me a blank screen after I attempted to put in the fancier screen drawing code. I tried moving stuff around. Nope. So I am forced to make it look like this: The next thing I need to do is add a score and some X's to help. The O's are to avoid and the X's are to touch. Imagine a semi-"Fast Food" clone. I wanted to redo Fatso since I have learned so much stuff since then (Fatso! was my first-ever Odyssey

X vs. O - the classic rivalry (part 5)

Decided to quit working on the Game Gear Hamburgers for a bit. This because I had an idea for the fourth and final game in X Vs. O. I had always wanted to redo Fatso! for the Odyssey 2. Now I think I will here. He can walk around. I don't know why I had to spend hours longer than I had anticipated just to get him walking around the screen, but I eventually got it the way I had wanted it to work. I don't want to go back and fix the Shoot-an-O game to put in the x-walking animation. So

X vs. O - bop-a-letter

I started work on the bop-a-letter game. I was having trouble with the randomness until I realized "Hey! I don't need to use the seed stuff in this bank!" So I didn't. I used instead the timer. And now it works good. There is still a lot of work to do, but it's a good beginning. I decided since the player is reaching for the 3 button on the console to not start the game right away. So an ACTION button press starts the game up. There are Os to bop and Xs to not bop. I need to make


More work this morning on X Vs. O. I was working on something else yesterday night and I looked at the clock only to discover it was almost 10 in the morning! So I went to sleep at about 11 last morning and woke up at around 11pm. Last night was spent trying to make the X vs. O game be sane. The reason for the insanity: I had put in to make the score be 0 since it was displaying garbage a long time ago. I fixed it and now everything (should be) working fine.   So I decided to work on t

X Vs O - art

Today I woke up. That is a real accomplishment. I went to bed at 2 p.m. and didn't get up until about 8 a.m. I could go back to sleep for a few more hours, too. So I got bored and drew a picture. It is an X shooting an O and the O shooting back. It is for my X Vs, O game. It probably won't be used or anything, but I was bored and decided to do it anyway. After a few modifications to the art after I drew and scanned it, it looks like this: One of the big problems I had was having

How to fix a bug.

So I found a rather nasty bug in X Vs. O: I had to spend about one hour total trying to figure out what could have caused it before I found the answer. The answer was whenever O was going into the lower right spot when there was an X already there, it did this. So I changed a "ret" to jmp to another bit of code and lo and behold, it worked. That was a dumb thing to happen. I hate it when it does stupid things when it's not my fault.   Also, I remember it doing this even befo

I slept through a thunderstorm.

So apparently there was a thunderstorm last night. I slept right through the entire thing. I woke up a few hours later at about 7:30 a.m. I had some really weird dreams last night.   I was wondering whether my SNES Game Genie was still working. So I tested it. It worked. So it also occured to me that I should get all the SNES games I had when I was a kid for some reason. So I purchased Bubsy off eBay to play with my Game Genie.   The stupid doctors office still hasn't called,

Fly idea

So now I have an idea for the fly game for Odyssey 2. I spent most of the morning programming it. I hit a rather nasty bug that turned out to be a "well duh!" moment once I realized what was happening. I have used up 1,671 bytes doing this so far which leaves me with a little over 300 bytes left to do stuff with (out of a possible 2,048 bytes total in the in-game bank). I have to put in a game over screen, and some logic that tells the game it should end. As well as a high score check, but that

Two flies.

I finally got two flies in the game after learning that three is impossible without major flickering and one is too much like my celery game. I still need to learn my fate about the ultrasound I went to yesterday. But I got two flies in my game and I got my RZone SuperScreen working, so that's good. I also decided to put in The Voice support for it. It says "Go!" at the beginning and "Gotcha!" when you swat a fly. But unfortunately, I can't test the game's Voice support on a real conso

Flies on Odyssey² (August 21, 2023)

I had a version working with three flies, but as I suspected, the Odyssey 2 could just not handle three flies without making the swatter flicker when it was near the top. So I deleted the two flies and made it a little better. It works on an Odyssey 2 since I tested it on it. Not very much color, is there? And when I was done discovering it only could handle one fly, it was time to go to the appointment.   I just got back from the ultrasound. They kept having me hold my breat

Flies on Odyssey² (August 20, 2023)

I added some stuff since a few days ago. I had to go to sleep with a broken game. I was asleep all day yesterday because I'm trying to change my life around so I'm awake all day and asleep all night like a normal person. My ultrasound is tomorrow at 7 a.m. so I can't eat anything past 11 p.m. tonight. Anyway, here are the changes I implemented. I fixed the scoring issue I was having (although I don't know how.) The faster you swat the fly, the more points you'll get. The score timer starts

Flies on Odyssey²

I have been working on this game since yesterday. I made a game like this with the 50-foot-tall stalk of celery, but I wanted to make a better one with more flies. I plan to put in three flies that move around the screen. The fly appears randomly on the screen but I just thought of something: It can't be that way for the bees or hornets. They'll have to start from the sides so they don't start where the player may be. I went to sleep at about 8 a.m. after giving up on it. I woke u

UUU O2 cancelled

So I finally realized I couldn't use characters as enemies because they may overlap. I tried making the enemies sprites 1-3 and the guy be sprite 0 and the umbrella consist of characters, but while I got it semi-working, I realized it wasn't very good. So I've decided to cancel it.   I've been bothered by my toes lately. I looked between them multiple times, trying to find like a cut or something to be a reason why they would hurt sometimes, but I couldn't.   I played Donkey

Level 10

Working on UUU for Odyssey 2 some more. Today's work was adding in level numbers. I had a really hard time wondering why it went from saying "level 09" to level "0:" instead of "level 10". I went back and looked at my code for Tunnels of Terror and found the answer: I was missing a key part of code: mov r5,#0 ; add 1 to score mov r1,#level ; point to score low byte mov a,@r1 ; get current value add a,r5 ; add r5 da a ; decimal adjust mov @r1,a ; store back Since I was adding 1 t

Odyssey 2 work

Today I worked a lot. I worked on Odyssey 2 programming. I worked and worked and worked. I made it so it's technically a game. Which was really fast, even for me. I started work on it yesterday and by late today I have a game. One thing I am wondering though is why when the umbrella is supposed to appear in a random place, and it does, but it never appears near the center of the screen. While I have tested the game a lot, not ONCE did the umbrella pop up in the middle of the screen. We

Tunnels of Terror

I got a package today. I didn't think I would since here in the States it's now a federal holiday. So anyway, I noticed it was from Brazil. This could mean one of two things: 1.) my copy of ZipZap I was promised finally came, which wasn't very likely. or 2.) My copy of Tunnels of Terror had come. It was the latter. I now have a copy of my own Odyssey 2 game I made. Tunnels of Terror is now at my house.   I opened the box. Inside was a lovely cardboard box for the game, which I haven't

Another boring Saturday

I decided to replace the olive oil cup with some magic potion. I had to do some squeezing in to replace the potion in level 1 since it takes up two sprites instead of just one to draw it. But I eventually did. And I have half of level 2's bank left. The magic potion bottle restores your health. I slept and slept. I went to sleep at 3pm yesterday and didn't get up until 9:30 am today. But I can sleep all the time if I wanted to.

Q level 2

So I put in an end to level 1. Q is dodging fireballs while trying to move right. And I worked on the mechanics for level 2. Turns out I used over 700 bytes of that bank just getting them in. I don't know whether I will like this game once it's finished or not. Level 2 has snow. And the trees have been replaced with igloos. So now I have about 1,200 bytes to use up for the rest of level 2. I added around 200 bytes of code to level 1 and I think I have around 20 bytes left in it.  

The return of Q

So I've decided to return to work on Q. The game will have 4 levels. I'm just about done with the first level. The second level will be a desert, the third level will be a snow level, and I don't know what the fourth level will be yet. I have just about run out of room on level 1. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to save one's progress. I don't think a password will work. It would take up too much precious room. And even now I feel the first level is too short. I guess it'l

Let it melt, let it melt, let it melt.

It finally snowed a couple of inches the night before last. Last night the power went out while i was in the bathroom. i thought "oh nooooo!" since I once went 6 days without power, but a few seconds later it came back on again. Right now there's still snow on the ground. Lots of it. The high got to be about 40 degrees, so some of it melted, but there is still some left to melt. It won't tonight since it's supposed to get below freezing.   I worked a ton on Robot Ron today. I got the f
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