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Making Flying Hambugers better



I just got started redesigning the graphics for Flying Hambugers. Instead of real-life backgorunds, I'm trying ones I draw. I signed onto The VG Resource a few days ago, but nobody has replied. No one seems to care? Oh well. I don't have anything else better to do, so let's redesign the game.


This is the new level 1. The score now has 6 digits. I took out the ending so it's a play until you die game. After you beat level 10, you'll go back to level 1, but after level 9 there are no chicken nuggets, even if you go back to level 1 again after beating level 10.


I am also remaking the music. My goal is to have each level background song length be at least 1 minute before looping. I slept almost all day yesterday. I went to sleep at 4 a.m. and didn't get up until after 10p.m. I know it's really bad, but I'm sleepy all the time and I don't know why.

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Have you showed this SMSPower? Though usually anything posted on there devolves into everyone asking about SMS instead of game gear. 

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