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burgers update - may 7, 2024

I have been working on this off and on for two years now. I think it's almost about done. I went back and worked on making sure the fry and the burger was visible on every level. And now it's all just bug checking.   If you'd like to join in the burger fun, you can download the game on its official website. The ROM right now has a secret warp function on the title screen. Pressing the 1 button for each level you want to skip. For example, to start on level 2 you press 1 once then start

If it's green, it shoots at you

I've decided not to pursue publishing this game with 2Minds. That's not to mean I don't want it published at all, it just means I need to find someone else to make Game Gear games. I made a few changes to the Flying Hamburgers game. I noticed that strawberry milkshakes (which are pink) shoot at you while all the other food that shoots at you are green. So I changed the strawberry milkshake which was pink to the same shade of green of the shooting sprites. I also made it so the bu

Head in the clouds

I thought the boss screen in Flying Hamburgers looked rather sparse, so I decided to attempt to put some clouds in there. That was easy, but then I discovered the shots and the burger were going behind them. A whole bunch of sprite address rearranging then occurred and then I finally got the result I was looking for. It's amazing what adding just four sprite tiles does to the look of a game.   I also fixed the blackness (or sometimes whiteness) that appeared to the strawberr

Noisy game

I discovered that the explosion sound didn't play when the autofire was happening. So I made it so you can't shoot until the sfx is done playing. Then I had to shorten each sfx so it doesn't sound and play awful. I also made it so if you touch the boss, you'll die. This was another change that had to be done with autofire. You can still get up right to the boss's face and autofire, but you'll risk getting hit by one of the boss's onion rings. I changed the colors to level 6's background so they'

Still working on Hamburgers

This morning was spent working on adding autofire. To use it, you hold down the button. Someone suggested that. I ran into some more bugs when I put it in, but I think they may be gone now. I thought about adding some lines in the grass, but I decided I didn't want it to look really busy, so I didn't. I'm using 15 colors, so if I wanted to, I could have even made them a different color.   I noticed the life counter was flashing 0 for a frame or so when it went to the game over screen.


So there was a 20% eclipse here. Not anything like the 2017 one. I went outside with some 2017 glasses to see if I could see it. It doesn't look amazing over here. I heard on the news it's supposed to end at 12:19, but the peak was at 11:25. So I went out there and it wasn't impressive at all. Oh well.   I made some changes to the hamburger game. Level 5 especially. I changed the background. I made it look like this: I added some trees and more mountains behind them. I thoug

Bug in my hamburger.

I decided to go back to working on Game Gear Flying Hamburgers even though I deemed it finished. I thought of something I could do. So I worked on making the onion rings not disappear during the boss screen. I made it work. It got harder. And it's a good thing I worked on it.   During my other testing, I found a major bug. I don't know what it was at first. I tried various things until I discovered that if the enemy is shot and his projectile keeps going, it gets a new enemy at that pl

burgers update.

So I worked some more on my Flying Hamburgers Game Gear game last night. I think I'm done with it now. I changed it so instead of it saying "level 1", "level 2", etc., it just says "new level." I didn't want players to get confused when they reach level 11 and it says "level 1." I also took a stab at designing a label (like I'll ever get this released. Ha!) I took an old label and changed it to say "Flying" instead of "En Route To Switzerland 2." I also found a bug in

Oh no! Pretzels!

I love party mix. I got a couple of boxes of them. I was horrified by the amount of pretzels they put in this. It's like 3/4 pretzels! I don't want that many pretzels!   I put in pretzels in my Hamburgers Game Gear game. The pretzels start appearing at level 11. They move randomly. Moldy pretzels shoot potato chips at you. And it's almost 7pm and it's still light outside! I hate summer. It's horrible. I went to sleep at about 6am or so and woke up at 5pm. This is bad because


Sometimes I get so angry working on a video game that my eye begins hurting. When this happens, I have to lay in bed until I feel the urge to vomit. And then I go to the toilet and barf up all the food I ate that day. Well, that happened last night. But I discovered something: If I eat food while my eye hurts I don't have to wait as long for me to vomit.   What made me so angry last night was me trying to put in a pow! explosion graphic when the enemy got shot in Hamburgers. Oh, I coul


So I took some feedback. I posted the game over at SMS Power forums. I made some changes to the game. levels 1-3 will have either a shooting (strawberry) or non-shooting (chocolate) milkshake. levels 4-6 will introduce the pizza which shoots (green moldy) or doesn't shoot (plain). Also, the enemies can move faster. levels 7-9 will introduce the taco that also comes in moldy or regular varieties. Also, the enemies can move move up or down in addition to a straight line.

Finally some success

So I finally got rid of the garbage display for a frame in the Hamburgers game. The solution was roundabout: I had to make a black, blank screen and have THAT be displayed for a frame or two. I don't know why it had to come down to that, but it did. I got this idea after trying to do it a "technical" way and failing. I'm guessing there probably IS a way to do that, but darned if I can find it out.   That work makes the game look a lot better than it did before surprisingly. So now I ca


So I thought I'd make level 8 be in outer space instead of in a beehive. So here is the hamburger floating in space. I also added a little bit more detail to the tops of the palm trees. I tried and failed to make the transitions more smoother. It seems like for a frame or two the screen has a horizontal line across it at least in my emulator when the game switches to the boss screen. I tried everything to fix it but I couldn't. Life gets so stupid all the time. Why can't so

More Game Gear fun

The Little Mermaid arrived in, how fittingly, a clamshell case. I worked on the palm trees in Hamburgers, making them more in-line and cartoonish than adding an actual picture of a palm tree cut down in colors. Bank 7 got completely empty, so I cut the ROM's size down to 128kb so now there's only 8 banks, 0-7. I've decided I'm going to keep the music the same from now on because I'm spent trying to compose new little 1-minute pieces of music using just 2 channels. (channel 2

City burgers

The redo for level 6 is complete. A funny thing happened when I was compiling it: Banks 8-15 got completely empty. If this continues and I only need 8 banks to fit the game into, I won't add the other levels and just finish it as an 8 bank game. So we'll see where this is headed as far as its size. I just finished composing a new song for level 6. So now what I'll do is add new levels 7-9 (level 10 is okay) and add a game over screen and that will be it. Again.   Also,

More hamburgers!

I updated a couple more backgrounds and changed a couple more songs.   The first one is underwater (level 4) and the second one is a mountain (level 5). The first one looked a lot different because it had fish and a shark, but I redesigned the entire thing because I didn't like it. It looked like a 3-year-old drew it. Of course, all my drawings look like a 3-year-old drew it, but this especially. I replaced the fish and shark with rocks and seaweed. I've decided that I will add more l

February 29, 2024

It's the day that only comes on the calendar every 4 years today. Yep, it's leap day: February 29. Happy Leap Day everyone. I was working on my Hamburgers Game Gear game again a little earlier. Not on redoing levels, but a game play change. I made it so if the fry hits an onion ring in the boss screen it disappears instead of going right through it and ignoring it. I had a little trouble with this because the game kept freezing, but I eventually found the problem (or it fixed itself.)


atari2600land in Game Gear

Hamburgers in the desert.

I'm busy redoing the levels in Flying Hamburgers for the Game Gear. Today I did the music and background of level 3: the desert. Instead of modifying actual photography, I'm instead drawing the backgrounds. While it gives it more of a cartoonish look, I hope it's better, but I'm not too optimistic about it. I fixed the part where the burger was over the word "pause." I think I am going to add some more levels since about half the space is blank.   Since it's the desert, I th


atari2600land in Game Gear

Making Flying Hambugers better (part 2)

This is the new level 2. I also made a new song for it, experimenting with vibrato, which gives the music a (IMHO) "spooky" effect. I can't figure out how to do other effects because the tracker I'm using is quite hard to figure out even though it says in the readme that it's easy. For example, it doesn't say how to control the vibrato, I had to figure out by pressing a whole bunch of keys that E increases it by one. That would be a key piece of info, no?   I said in the pre

Making Flying Hambugers better

I just got started redesigning the graphics for Flying Hambugers. Instead of real-life backgorunds, I'm trying ones I draw. I signed onto The VG Resource a few days ago, but nobody has replied. No one seems to care? Oh well. I don't have anything else better to do, so let's redesign the game. This is the new level 1. The score now has 6 digits. I took out the ending so it's a play until you die game. After you beat level 10, you'll go back to level 1, but after level 9 there are no ch


I went out. I had to. I only had one pill left. So I went and got groceries, and went to the bank. After that, I went to the new Popeye's location in my area. I got twelve chicken nuggets and they even threw in some biscuit of some sort. So I ate it along with the very yummy chicken nuggets.   We are in a period of thawing out. There is still a bunch of ice on the ground but not on the roadways so I was able to get out and relieve myself of cabin fever. It's raining and it's not suppos

Honey burgers

So I reached a milestone in programming this. I designed level 8 and put it in the game. I compiled it like I usually do and got a strange message saying there was no room for level 7 (and yet level 8 fit? How odd.) I had done it: I had "filled up" 128 KB. Wanting to have 10 levels, I decided to make the game 256 KB. I then compiled it and the message left, but my game was now doubled in size. I had banks 0-15. Banks 9-15 are completely empty. I put "filled up" in quote marks because there's sti

Onion rings work on New Year's Eve

I spent all my waking hours yesterday working on something that seemed simple at the time, but turned out to be a big hassle.   What I wanted to do in the boss stage was this: when the last hit was at the boss, have the boss disappear but make any onion rings that were shot from before the boss's death keep going. And when the last onion ring crossed the screen THEN have the level end.   I was so angry because I wasn't understanding why my code, which should have worked, wasn


atari2600land in Game Gear

Burgers on the beach

Started work on level 7 of Flying Hamburgers. With a new milestone: All 8 banks are less than half full except bank 7 has 50.42% free. I made it so even though I put a bank in a certain spot, when it compiles, it can go anywhere if you put "superfree" next to the section title. .section "initialize level 7" superfree So even though the section's code is in bank 5, I have no idea where it is when it compiles because it could be anywhere where it fits. It's like a huge jigsaw puz


atari2600land in Game Gear

A not-so-bossier boss

I made the boss easier to defeat by spacing out the onion rings more and making the boss smaller. The boss starts at the center when you first get to it and randomly starts going either up or down then gets into a regular pattern of going up and down. And by making the space between the onion rings larger (they originally were designed to be shot by the milkshake, but since the milkshake got smaller I decided to make the onion rings come from off-screen to the right and travel left),


atari2600land in Game Gear

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