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The brown desert

Deserts are orange. That isn't good. Why? Because I want to put a desert in the hamburger game for the Game Gear. And as it turns out, almost all junk food is also orange. I made a desert picture, put it in the game, and it was tough to tell where the onion rings were going because the desert sand was almost the same color as the onion ring. My solution: Make the desert brown. And to make sure people recognize it as a desert, I put in two cacti. (It scrolls. There really are 2 cacti. I

Doing the same thing twice

Last night I worked on my Game Gear game. I think I broke it, so I went to sleep. I woke up this morning and tried to do the same thing again, only this time it worked. I thought I had broken the game after that because I tried to get rid of a long pause after you shot the chicken nugget, but I think I fixed what I had. I changed the background of level 1 back to the realistic clouds I had tried earlier. And I also changed the game over screen because I didn't like what I had before.  

back to the Game Gear.

Today's Game Gear coding session was fruitful. I got the beginnings of a level 4 in the game. The burger goes under water. Tomorrow I will compose some music for the level and then I will be done with level 4 and move on to level 5. In the ROM in the link of my signature, there is a level select cheat for testing games. On the title screen, press 1 for the level you want to start on. No presses starts you on level 1, one press for level 2, and so forth. I will probably remove this in t


atari2600land in Game Gear

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