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Is it all crap?



Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to attempt making homebrew games. Neither of my 2600 games got a nomination in the awards thing. I went back to working on Uncle Hairy's Nosehair, but I don't seem to want to care since nobody else seems to either. You know, just one piece of feedback, like something I could change or do differently, would help immensely. It's not fun sitting here coding for hours if nobody wants to reply to what I've been trying to make.


And then it dawned on me. Perhaps all the stuff I do is nothing but crap. And that's why nobody seems to want to care. I mean, who cares about crappy games? I wonder what people think of my games I sit here making all night. I guess it's all in vain and nothing seems to do anything. So if they are crappy games, what can I do to make them better? I don't know because no one will answer me.


So they're not good enough to publish, apparently. They turned down Aaron the Aardvark and Flying Hamburgers, which I thought were two of my best games. All I want to do is make one good game before I die, that's it. But if no one seems to care, then I guess I don't need to want to do that goal.

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You've got a few Intellivision games published though, haven't you? That is more than I have achieved, at least in the programming role.

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I'm only just now settling back in to AtariAge after what feels like my third or fourth "extended break" from the community so there's a lot I've missed here, but judging by your profile it seems you've made a ton of games. And your blog has 1.8 million total views? Seems like people are interested in what you're working on, though as I've been poking around on AA recently things feel a lot slower here and the boards are showing their age.


I'm sorry you got snubbed for the homebrew awards, that has to sting after working so hard on a project. I cluelessly tagged the homebrew awards guy in the thread I posted for the game I'm working on and since it's technically a romhack he let me know I was ineligible not just for awards but also being in the handy directory of new Atari 2600 games being worked on this year. That was kind of a let down, so I feel you there.


When I have some free time I'll peruse your games and try some out. :)

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You make games that appeal to you on your own timeline.  That doesn't necessarily produce award winning games.  That's also not necessarily a bad thing.


In other words: making award winning games that appeal to a broad range of people is a learned skill.  Choose what your focus is.

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Not crap at all!  I like your Castle of Doom very much!  It's high quality, like a HCZC Games platformer.  Also, your Video Poker and your Golf 2600.  

If you ever have time,


your Video Poker just needs to add payouts for straights and four of a kind, I think.  Link


And IMO your Golf 2600 just needs more shooting angles, then it wouild be alright!  Link


You're so close, don't give up!  

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Hi Chris,


Your games are unique, innovative and a ton of fun to play, please don't give up making them! I've played dozens of your titles on ZPH over the years and sincerely appreciate the diversity of ideas you put into each of your titles.


Your games have had three nominations in previous editions of the AHAs and I know that I would be extremely proud of that given the huge number of Atari 2600 titles that are released every year.


I also did a quick checking on the top number of downloads of your games get there are 100's of people playing your homebrew, Please continue to keep making games, there are a ton of people out there that are enjoying them.


- James

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I also suggested ways to make an impression in the Odyssey 2 scene in a message to Chris.  So, if 2600 game making has lost its luster there's always other outlets.

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I suppose the Atari 2600 is similar to being on the Billboard Hot 100. Other formats like Odyssey^2 and Intellivision are closer to Billboard Hot Country or Hot Latin, themselves prominent charts to be on but not gaining as much attention as the original one. I'm sure there are artists on the country chart that lament they're not on the Hot 100, while at the same time the country fans still love their songs.

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