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Ulysses Unger has a problem. Seems he got stuck inside a maze naked with killer umbrellas going around. I hate it when that happens. Fortunately there seems to be some underwear. Lots of it. Your job is to get the underwear without touching the umbrellas which end your game.


It took a long time to get to this point. Bank 2 was not working. I thought it was bank 3. So I deleted both in a fit of anger and went to sleep. I shouldn't have done that. Oh well. This game won't have the Cedar Games logo at the start because I tried and failed to put it into bank 3 where the ROM starts. You know how I said Odyssey 2 programming is like a blind person doing a jigsaw? As it turns out, all that was wrong was I had the custom sound code in the wrong place. Even though it worked on O2EM, it did not work on a real Odyssey 2. So now I have this:


Now with more room free in bank 3, I can fit more mazes in than if I had the Cedar Games logo in. But first I need to work on the jigsaw some more. I had some unicorns in the maze, but that was yesterday and I couldn't replicate how they looked, so I went with umbrellas. The unicorns' animation was too much for the game, and the upper wall was flickering. So I took out animation and had umbrellas in and that worked fine.


One thing I don't understand is why I have it choose a random underwear x and y, yet it never chooses a place in the center of the screen. But it sort of works, it does pick a random place for the underwear, it just doesn't ever be near the middle of the screen.


EDIT: Late breaking news: I actually got the Cedar Games logo in the game!

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