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Castle Texture, take 2



I had two issues with the original brick pattern:

  1. the impact on game play - While I liked the "jagged edge" appearance, it was causing an increase in "double brick bounces"(taking out 2 bricks at the same time)
  2. it looked too busy

I've done the upper castles using a different texture that addresses both of these issues.



Any feedback on the revision?

Medieval_Mayhem.zip mm20061021NTSC.bin mm20061021PAL.bin


Recommended Comments

I like the lower pattern better - the proportions are more "brick-like". The upper bricks seem too square.


The other thing I like about the bottom castles, is how the pattern hits the very edge of the castle so you get a jagged top edge. It'd be nice to see that along the bottom edge of the top castles, whichever pattern you go with.

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I like the top pattern more because it's less busy and distracting, although the bottom looks closer to my castle wall attempt, I guess.


Edit: I just finished playing the bin and the bottom wall does look better to me than the top wall. I think I have an answer to the issues your're having with the bottom wall I'll post the screen shot on the Medieval Mayhem Label Contest page since it won't post here :lust: .

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I liked the ones at top better until I played it - then the bottom ones started looking jagged, like they were broken when damaged, while the top ones just looked patterned. I do think it would be good if there's any way to do a layer of solid blocks around or inside the patterned blocks. The problem with the bottom ones is that the pattern is VERY intense. Maybe one solution would be to take blocks away to start out, in the same crennelated pattern used in the arcade? Another would be to change the vertical position of the dark areas (to put some of them along the edge, so they'd appear as jagged edges; since you can have two different patterns for top and bottom, you can have one that has the dark spots at the bottom of the blocks for the top, and one that has them at the top, for the bottom). Actually, that kind of edge (as in the bottom pattern now) also gives it a hint of that arcade crennelation, too. I especially like it in groups of two blocks, so if you were to try the idea of knocking out some blocks, see what you think about one gap for every three blocks horizontally, and every other along the vertical edge, with the corner being solid, so, the lower right castle would look like:







Where @ is solid and # is a gap. Of course, taking out those bricks might be damaging to the game dynamics, I don't know. But I'm curious what it would look like.


Wow, what a (poorly structured) essay on such a little thing! :lust:

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I like that about the lower castle too - but I found it impacts game play in a not-so-good way.


I guess I'm not seeing how it negatively impacts the game.

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