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Frogger on Genesis



Frogger was an odd release that came out during the last gasps of Sega Genesis' life (1998). It's a port of the arcade game (not the "new" Frogger that came out on Playstation), so if you've played that you've played this. You try to get your frog across a highway and a river 5 times, each time filling up one of the holes at the top. if you hit a car or fall into the water, you lose a life. Simple, much like other arcade games.




Now, the Genesis port (unlike others before it) is arcade perfect in every way. All the music, graphics, and gameplay are preserved perfectly here, giving arcade-lovers reason to celebrate. The only gripe (and one that could easily be remedied) is that the Genesis pad isn't the best out there, especially for twitch action games like this. So, if you've got a Genesis, a good controller, and a craving for some home Frogger, you can't get any better than this.




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I agree. Frogger on the Genesis is a real gem. I'd like to try it with the arcade joystick. I need to buy one of those next time I see one. They turn up every now and then in the local vintage game shops. I wonder if they work with the 2600, as does the Sega d-pads.


Sega Genesis Frogger is a real surprise (being an old school arcade game, available on a 16-bit system) and a really great version. Thanks for the reminder.

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I must disagree regarding the Genesis d-pad - I use it exclusively on my 2600, it feels so natural. Then again, I am not an arcade purist.


When I started to read your post I was hoping this was a chronology of Frogger as you recently did with Pac-Man. I was hoping for a mention of the Starpath Supercharger version of Frogger -- which (in this admittedly non-purist's mind) is also quite arcade realistic!

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