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Sonic Colors



As a select few might know, I'm a Sonic the Hedgehog fan. I buy every Sonic game I can get, and play them all to death. I've played both Sonic Adventure games to completion, got all the ending is Shadow the Hedgehog, aced Sonic CD, and won every Sonic game on Genesis except 3D Blast and Sonic 2. So it is with baited breath that I await Sonic Colors, the newest Sonic game on the Wii.




From what I can see of the screenshots, Colors looks very much like a more polished Sonic Unleashed. It has the same mix of sidescrolling and forward moving gameplay, what looks like the same character sprite from Sonic, and a similar (but more colourful) graphical style. However, while Unleashed had only the hard-but-boring werehog to differentiate itself from other games in the series, Colors has a gimmick that could actually be interesting.




The games mechanics center around an alien race called wisps, which give Sonic colour-based powers. Making Sonic shoot lasers and drill through the ground sounds, quite frankly, awesome. And since the whole game is supposed to be much like the daytime levels of Unleashed, we could finally have a real winner here. However, one pitfall I can easily see this game falling into the Unleashed's problem of having very little replay value. Once you won Unleashed, all you could really do is either let it sit there, or play the levels over and over again. Let's hope Sega knows better now.




But good or bad, I'm buying this game. If it's good, then I'll be able to say that I made the right decision in buying this game new. But if it's bad, I'll play it anyway and likely end up selling it for a better game. But either way, it'll be worth it. :twisted:

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I think the worst part of this game so far is the crappy teaser music.

Look at the stars tonight, the colors feel so right.
That sounds like he's talking about drugs, not space.
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