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Sonic X Blog: The Last Resort (Season 1, Episode 9)



With my Satellite Swindle DVD in my possession, I can get back to business with episode 9, The Last Resort. The plot is that Amy, Tails, Cream, and Chris are going to the beach. Amy offers for Sonic to come along too, but he refuses, due to his extreme dislike of water. However, Sonic is coerced into coming later on when Robotnik shows up with the Octorog, and proceeds to demolish everything.


Also known a, "The Episode Where Amy Kicks Azz", The Last Resort is a really wonderful episode. Not only is the premise great, but everything is pulled off spectacularly. Amy gets her well-deserved spotlight, while not stealing the whole runtime from everyone else. There really isn't anything I can complain about here, so this comes whole-heartedly recommended to Sonic X viewers, and Amy fans especially.


Watch episodes here.


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