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Happy Holidays Everyone



Well, here we are again - another Christmas.


It's been an interesting year. A long year. A satisfying year. And a frustrating year. But most of all, it's been a happy year.


I'd like to take some time now to say thank you to several people.


The gang at Reboot - It as been an absolute pleasure working and playing with you all. Here's to another great year ahead full of fun!


The Jagware Team - Your continued support and assistance has made all the difference, thank you all. I am excited to think about some of the things 2012 will bring from you guys.


Shamus and the Virtual Jaguar Team - For bringing Jaguar emulation just that little bit closer to reality, for not giving up, and for implementing some of the non-emulation features I requested - It really makes development easier and is truly appreciated. VJ gets better with every build.


The RAPTOR beta team - It has been absolutely amazing to see many different people come together to help improve this project. Linkovitch - Your sound engine will change the way audio is designed into Jaguar home brew from this point on. Matmook, your RMotion scripting engine will truly put the ability to make Jaguar applications into the hands of everyone.


Other Jaguar Developers

- U235 - Excellent work with the abovementioned SoundEngine and the first High Resolution game (Coded in 24 hours, no less!)

- Matthias Domin - Really looking forward to Impuse X!

- Stormworks Interactive - It's great to see a new bunch of folks working on the Jaguar!

- Starcat - I hope 2012 is the year one of your games comes to fruition.

- SubQMod - I've switched over exclusivly to SMAC/SLN now, thanks for making them. Also, I hope work continues on Jagulator!


The Gaming Public - Thank you for your continued interest in our games. For good or for bad, your comments inspire us to strive to make our games better. I can only hope you've had fun with what we have released so far. Games are meant to be played. It takes both sides of the equation, the authors, and the players, to make this happen.


Merry Christmas, everyone. Happy Hollidays, Best Wishes and a Happy New Year to all.

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I'd like to extend my best wishes as well to all those who rise above the nonsense and enjoy good fun, talent, and the willingness of the folks who put in the hard work to share their efforts when they see it. Being even a small part of Reboot/Jagware and seeing the incredible expertise of all involved and the results of their work has been a privilege. Thanks guys, and Happy Holidays!

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Wow and thanks! it's been awesome to be involved with such a cool bunch of people! The help, support, motivation and cluefullness have been amazing from the guys at Reboot and Jagware. Really gotten me back into the scene, cheers guys!


So glad you like the Sound Engine, serious chufty badge to me that you chose to use it! many thanks.


Here's to another year of fun and friendships! chin-chin!

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