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It's the Final Countdown to "D" Day... So, What are your predictions?


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You guys have all been really good to us and so we wanted to have a little fun now that ya'll know there's a "Bean in the Pod" so to speak.


Here's how it'll work:


Up until the day I deliver any member in Good standing in the AA community can post 1 guess each as to what DATE Bean will make her appearance, along with the TIME of Day (Hour + 15 minute increments AM or PM ex. 1:15 PM or 11:45 AM), and Her WEIGHT (Lbs and Ounces ex. 6 lbs 5 oz or 8 lbs 2 oz). If more then one person guesses the actual date the Time of Day will be the "Tie Breaker". Moderators of course are included and encouraged to participate if they want, even Albert especially since he may want a vacation from making carts, lol. :P



- My due date is at the end of March *but* I've had 4 ER visits and close calls, so that date isn't a guarantee. ;)


- The weight may be a challenge since I weighed about 6 lbs. at birth while Hubbs weighed in at about 10 lbs. (ouch!).


The "Winners" of Both the Date or Weight will win a $25 Gift cert to the AA store. If one person guesses both correctly then they will get a $50 gift cert. We wanted something Atari related and I'm sure many of you who shopped in the store during the holidays had at least 1 game you wanted over and didn't get so here's your chance.


With that being said...

Let the Games Begin! :)

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Man, I thought you guys liked me! Most of you are predicting over 8 lbs... owwwww! :sad:


Actually it's been told that if the baby is over approx 7 lbs they'll have to cut anyway because of my health.

Either way - drug me up real good I say! *grin* I know there's good stuff out there.


We also very much appreciate the advice people have given us. We need all the help we can get, lol. :P

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