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It's the Final Countdown to "D" Day... So, What are your predictions?


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11.5 hours isn't that bad, it depends on how it comes on, and what you're calling "labor".


I'm talking from the first labor pains until delivery. I imagine they won't be close enough together for her to bother going in until several hours after she experiences the first ones.

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she popped the varmit out!


1:30 cst, today, five pounds..

Whoa! Isn't that a bit early?


How long was the labor?


Edit: I should also ask, how's baby and mommy doing? 5 pounds is a pretty small bundle!

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Depends on what we win :D


but I must apologize.. my language was indeed far too accusatory hows this?


I belive that Mr. Wiz may have had insider information on his last post, so I feel his should be disqualified



see, knowing that they were in transit, making the proclamation, THEN making a guess about the arrival time and particulars would have been more appropriate, allowing others to make modified assessments on the arrival time.


the attempt to use obfuscation to better the odds is right out!




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Well, things have been quite crazy here. 2 hour round the clock feedings will do that. We bow to those who have multiple children because they either must be saints or numb and deaf, lol. I don't know how you guys do it truly. Although we now can go 3 hours between a few feedings and we look at her and just see what a miracle she is. :love:


She's been very fussy but her doctor said to expect more since she was born at 36 weeks and her systems weren't fully developed yet. Although she was eating, crying and doing the bodily stuff just fine and went in the regular nursery. You know it's bad when you break out Styx - Come Sail Away after every other lullaby and music fails.


For those who didn't see Sandy Cheeks very sweet congrats thread I went in for an emergency c-section after 3 very serious reactions to medication they gave me followed by a failed induction with almost 15 hours of labor, Bean's oxygen level dropping and finally my throat closing and not really breathing. Once they started giving a small amt of petocin my contractions went from nada to 2 minutes apart to 30 seconds apart in a matter of ohh only a couple hours. Yeah that sucked to put it nicely. Although I had wonderful doctors that I really do thank God for since I probabloy wouldn't be here without them.


We've been home a little over a week now and still trying to recover. Bean on the other had has been just fine and weighed in at 4 lbs 14 oz up from the 4 lbs 11 oz she left the hospital at and now we think she is over her birth weight of 5 lbs by a good couple oz.

The actual time of delivery is 12:43 PM on February 27th.


We'll settle up with everyone shortly via PM and the prize was a $25 gift cert to the AA store for the match although we aren't sure anyone matched exactly. Thanks for being patient!

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