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Cubicolor up for auction


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I wonder if Imagic boxes would be harder to make with the nice shiny reflective silver color they have :?


I just WONDER!!!!!! :ponder:


I WONDER how much one would pay for a shiny Imagic Cubicolor box. :ponder:

I would buy one if you can find the time to make one. I would use an old Imagic inside tray one of the nice cardboard ones and I would love it if the box had the number of the cart right on the front of the box. And maybe a small space under thhe number If I could ask Rob to sign the box for me. PM sent to ya CPU!

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Some people like the privacy of Isoldit so I am not surprised that they are selling it. All of the Isoldit stores in St. Louis closed as has some other stores that have been set up to sell items on eBay.

I just ran across this by accident after having discovered someone's blog called "gamesniped.com". I noticed the San Antonio location right away, and sure enough this was Tony Bueno's copy.


Privacy, hell, his name (and address from back in the day--I know he later moved to Dallas) is on the letter from RF!


I'm pretty sure I've actually held (and maybe even played) this very cart before. FWIW, I bought his loose copy of 2600 Qubes back in the day for $75 cash.


Checking "The List", there's about eight names on there that bring back memories of my RGVC days. So that means only two copies left in San Antonio, assuming Smitty and Don Rogers still have theirs.

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On 3/15/2007 at 11:11 AM, Trade-N-Games said:

That was me that got it from 2600.com. I am on the list #34. The site of owners was just updated with alot of new info. Rob also just gave an interview that has not be published yet :cool: but it will soon. I dont care what this sells for but my guess is alot in the end with all the big spenders right now. Goodluck to all the bidders this is alot like the Coke and Video life but there seem to be alot more out there.

Case in point (referring to my post in Classic Gaming) you would NOT be able to get away with reselling Cubicolor #34. Jason has been known as the owner of this copy dating back 12+ years. Whatever idiot robbed Jason might as well have covered himself in one of those ink dye packs that banks put into bags of stolen money. If this shows up at any auction, or any store, or in any collection, your ass is NAILED to the wall.

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