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Koffi: Yellow Kopter Kontest

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Kofi looks really slick! I want to get the game when it come out to play on my very own 5200 system. i think it is his lightening tail that remind me of the peekatchu pokeman charactor and himbeing yellow and all that stuff. i like the idea for that game it sounds slick as can be! thanx joe.

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Maybe you could work this into the game manual :idea:


Negative. No sign.  Wait a second. I think I got him.


You know...you could put someone's eye out with that thing.


We airlifted out the last passengers, Ace. We're heading out.


What about the animal cargo?


Don't worry. It's just one little raccoon. If I were you, I'd turn back.


If you were me, then I'd be you!  And I'd use your body to get to the top!

You can't stop me, no matter who you are!


Or, maybe not :ponder:


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Calamari, whatever you are drinking, I want some!


About the contest -- I have not seen the last-day entries yet so I cannot really judge yet. However, I would like to incorporate more than just two entries into Koffi. I will credit everyone who comes in "2nd place".


1st place (and a free Koffi Cart) will be tough to judge ... Maybe by Monday (if I see the final entries soon (HINT) ) I will have made a decision.

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I've been looking at them in my Gif animator. I was surprised I didn't see any Hedgehogs. :)


At this point I like a number of the entries. I'll be off the net the rest of today and most of tomorrow, I'll try to get an answer soon!


some of the entries that have really caught my eye so far -- a nest of baby birds singing (sooo cute!); a nice looking fox; a nice looking bee & lady bug; a good looking Goose; a cute mouse/rat.

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Hmmm, my free copy of Animagic no longer allows me to save animated GIF's so I must find another way to show you all the entries.


IN the meantime, of the 60 awesome entries I received from 13 different people, here are my favorite 15 so far (in no particular order):


1. Andre Berube's ape.

2. Chris Johnson's llama.

3. Christiana Yambo's bee.

4. Christiana Yambo's ladybug.

5. Curtis Kozielec's goose.

6. Bryce Foreman's mouse/rat.

7. Bryce Foreman's porcupine.

8. Bryce Foreman's turkey.

9. Jason Achs' turtle.

10. Jeff Arensmeyer's baby bird nest.

11. Jeff Arensmeyer's gorilla.

12. Jeff Arensmeyer's woodpecker.

13. Jordan Miller's duck.

14. The Hardestys' fox.

15. The Hardestys' moose.

16. Lionrohrs' squirrel.


Okay, 16 rather than 15. Thanks for the entries from everyone, it has been difficult to pick from them. I will continue to review the top 16 and pick winners within a few days, and I'll try to get all of them online soon to show everyone.

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2. Chris Johnson's llama.


Boo-yah! Whoo!


He's the sovereign lord of the nation

He's the hippest cat in creation

He's the alpha, the omega, a to z

And his perfect world will spin

Around his every little whim

'Cause his perfect world begins and ends with--




(Whoa, no touchy! No touchy! No touch!)


my free copy of Animagic no longer allows me to save animated GIFs


Try www.ulead.com's GIF animator or Smart Saver Pro.

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I look forward to seeing the winner and other entries.


There's certainly an art to pixel-pushing, as I've come to realize more and more. My company does cell phone games so we're often dealing with resolution limits similar to old game systems, and I'm constantly surprised by how many artists I've seen whose art skills fall apart when they are forced to draw small.


I'm going to try to attach a test sprite I did for the 5200...it's an 8x16 pixel image hat would have been composed of two overlaid sprites. I was trying to see what kind of animation I could get at that size. It's an 8 frame cycle.


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The one thing I want to do is to see how the finished characters look on the actual 5200 on my TV before deciding on the winner. A couple times I made some things on-screen and they didn't show up as clearly as I'd have liked. The color bleed is a real issue on 5200. You actually get more colors due to color bleed (the borders between one color and the next often produce a third color) but it can also work against you!


Those Gif's you just showed here are big! The ones I received are mostly very, very tiny and I had to zoom them up to view them properly! Maybe at lunch today I can download a new GIF creation tool and put them online.


I thought the AtariAge guys were planning on doing this -- maybe they just ran out of time before the CGE.

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Anyway, now that I have them all on one page, I'm going to take a better look at them again. This makes it both easier and tougher to pick.


Bottom line is, although there can only be one first place winner, I would like to include several of the others into the game! I will make sure to credit everyone whose creation makes it into the game. Thanks again for the entries, and please be patient for a bit longer as I decide which one I like the best. :)


And thanks Jeff A. for doing these GIFs for me.

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