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exomizer sfx sys -t 168 -Di_ram_enter=0xff -Di_ram_exit=0xff -Di_table_addr=0xbc40 -n %1.obx -o %1.xex



Err what ?!?

Thats looks very complicated to me !! I do understand the "sfx" (create self-extracting exe-file) and "-t 168" (target = Atari 8Bit computers), not so sure anymore about the "sys" command. But what the hell are all these other things like Di_ram...(doesn`t look like start + end adresses) ???


If I remember correctly, Exomizer cannot pack A8 files that use XRAM, so there seems to be no chance to shorten the 320k-1024k animations with it...


But hey, thanks for all your good work Tebe !!

-Andreas Koch.

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Here's version 2.5 with one animation (it was buggy created with earlier versions).


What's new here in T.A.:

- information about TIP-size is now read (it's taken from the first frame of animation and used "from now on")

- enhanced V parameter - now accept values from 0 to 9 (2 to 9 are useful for animations like Poison's ones of "Another World" alike - the greater value after V - the smaller ANM.DAT file and the greater numbers of DICxx.DAT(s)). It simply sets the senstitivity of searching from RLE blocks. V1 is the best for not movie-like animations.

- added stripe-effects during decompression.


Attached ZIP containing executable file of Tip Animator 2.5 and one sample animation (you'll like it!). :)


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here is my very first try of an animated TIP file. I was googling a bit and downloaded some animated GIF files. This is the "animated_headspin.GIF" file. The file used full pictures for each frame, which made converting into JPEG and then into TIP very easy. Alas, as always with full frames, the animation is very slow...


The TIP animation requires 128k to run - and in case someone can do it better (I am quite sure, because my animation is lame!) I have added the source files including the GIF animation and all JPG files...


For those Atarians, that merely want the executable A8 file, simply search for headspin_128k.XEX

greetings, Andreas Koch.

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the first animation I did (headspin.xex) used fullscreen pictures or full frames and thus was very slow. In my collection of animated GIF files there are also some files which do not save every full picture/frame, but only the changes/differences from one to another. I have converted the frames of one of these files into JPEG but I am not sure if this will work in TIP mode or later as TIP animation...


The frames which only show the changes/differences to the frame before, mostly do not have any background (color). When I converted these frames with XnView into JPG pictures, they got a random background color, which does not always match the starting picture, so I have my doubts, that such converted GIF animations (which do not include fullscreen pictures/frames) will work with TIP animator... or do they ?!?


Anyway to show an example of what I am talking about, I have attached the GIF animation "trampolin.gif" and the converted frames (the JPG pictures) here. Hopefully someone can analyze and understand my problem... -Andreas Koch.

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Just update you news with this: "Version 2.6 checks TIP height if it doesn't exceed 100 lines. Previous version caused system lock-up in this case".

That's a good idea but I'm too lazy to write 2-3 news per day just about TIP Animator... or anything else. ;)

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Hello folks,

here are three TIP animations I did (well, not really, I converted some animated GIF files)...

- headspin.xex, an alternate version of the above animation (its still very slow!)

- itchy_and_scratchy.xex, again a slow animation, ouch!

- trampolin.xex, the fastest animation I got so far...

All animations require 128k RAM afaik (have not tested them on the real A8 yet).


Thanks a lot Tebe for helping me out with the trampolin animation !! Now I am extracting frames from animated GIF files with Irfan View 4.10 (alas, after some ~30 frames it also saves/extracts only the differencs to the previous frame, no clue why)...


greetings, Andreas Koch.


P.S.: G2F contains subdirs of authors and contributors who painted the G2F pics, maybe you could add some subdirs of authors and contributors to TIP animator *in the future* (when there are more animations available)...

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Trampolin is good, but can be else better


IrfanView has BATCH MODE (Press B) -> Use Advanced options -> Press ADVANCED button -> CROP



Well, to tell the truth, I simply used the *.PNG pictures you supplied to me - converted them into TIP and made the TIP animation. But thanks again for the tip, will try it out ! (And no, I am not angry if anyone else can do the TIP animation much better than me - you are always allowed to do so.)


Anyway, here are two more 128k TIP animations:

- Boobs (for adults only !?!, slow animation!)

- Viper (rotating-car, fast animation)


Have fun !! -Andreas Koch.

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