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tried to do a 128k animation of "Britney"...

1) used 16 frames to create the anim. - failed ! anim. length = 180k...requires a 320k machine !

2) used every second frame of the 16 frames with setting G2F.ACT; anim. length = 99k...still requires a 320k machine ouch !

3) used every second frame of the 16 frames with setting Laoo.ACT; anim. length = 94k...now requires only a 128k machine !


The animation is lame, but as said before it no longer requires a 1 MB machine and the loading time is much shorter... (still its lame)... -Andreas Koch.


P.S.: Looks like the x-rated/hot animations have more downloads than everything else... maybe I should add at least one x-rated/hot animation to everything else I upload here... ;-) ...but seriously, I won`t !!

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have converted some of my 128k animations (that do not really require 128k) into 64k animations... more will follow soon.

- Itchy and Scratchy

- Ufo behind

- ASCII Girl

Next, I have updated "Drumsolo" animation (downsized the PNG pics to 160x100 so the whole "thing" can be seen), alas, it still requires a 128k machine to run... greetings, Andreas Koch.

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here are some more of my 128k animations (that did not really require 128k) converted to 64k animations:


- Headspin 64k

- Bailing 64k (required some re-painting, since the original gif-ani and the pics had many gfx-bugs)

- The Smurfs TV-Intro 64k


Afaik, now there is only "kidalien" animation left, that has to be converted from 128k to 64k (but it requires some re-painting too)... greetings, Andreas Koch.

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Hello folks,

and here are some newer animations:

- Cube 1_320k (the whole screen rotates, so its slow and has flicker!)

- Cube 2_128k (only the cube rotates, so its faster and almost without flicker)

- Air Combat 576k (converted from a nice MPG4 compressed AVI, so no source here!)


The air combat animation is available in two versions: the full version with approx. 400kbytes and a shortened version with approx. 358kbytes (for those Atarians that use real drives with max. 360k); of course the shortened version is not as good as the long version... ;-)


Now, does anyone have MPG/AVI/MOV/... videos on the PC from the intros of Jaguar CD games (like Hoverstrike, Battlemorph, Blue Lightning, etc.) ?!? Would like to *try to convert* some of these JAG-CD intros into A8 animations...


-Andreas Koch.

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OK, so here's mine...


Honda and Zangief animations from Street Fighter.


And total killer - a rayman-like character named Coeur Tarzan, whatever it means (88 frames in 320k!).


Sources included.


P.S. Here are the sites i've took several gifs to convert them info TIP-animations:











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here are some more animations...


- Kid-Alien 128k: another try, alas just 2kb shorter than the old one, so it still requires 128k...


- Mini-Car 64k: an Aston Mini (or a similar car), alas does not have enough frames, so it has heavy flicker !


- Truck 128k: another rotating vehicle, this time a truck... a little too dark...


- Basket 128k: originally an Amiga animation (or demo?), does not convert very well to the A8, thus the result is quite awful; but maybe someone has the original sources and can do the A8 animation much better than me ?!?


greetings, Andreas Koch.


P.S.: I took most animated gifs from www.gifking.de... but also from other sites...

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no uploads in the last three days ?!? Its time to change that...

- beavis 64k (just 2 pics)

- like a bondgirl 64k (was not really an animation, just 4 or 5 pics)

- easter5 64k (I know its not the time, but anyway)


Since I have already deleted the GIF sources I cannot upload them, sorry. Therefore "easter5" comes with two versions (one converted with G2F palette and one converted with Laoo palette)... In the meanwhile I am busy with converting some Jaguar CD intros into A8 animations... (Battlemorph is already done, Hoverstrike was much too dark, next comes Blue Lightning and the jaguar power-on display) -Andreas Koch.

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After some time of silence...


Introducing version 2.8.


What's new...


Added command slxx allowing you to skip xx lines on each frame, counting from top of screen. E.g. no more axed shoes (or something else what's down on screen). There are some animations attached - some new and some corrected with this version of T.A.


Have fun!



example batch for "rayman1" animation:


tipanm 1 24 sl10 onedic+exo delay5 dic$4100



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Hey Miker,

those Rayman animations are cool ! But, what happened to "Rayman 7" ?!?


Besides, I still have problems using the frame delay option of version 2.7. For example I have a title picture (frame 1) and want to display only this picture / frame for 5-10 seconds. I typed:

tipanm 1 50 max delay$0200 fd2:9

Well, the first time I started the emulator, the first frame was shown for many seconds, when the animation re-started, it was always only shown for approx. 1 second. So I tried another trick, I used the same title picture in the first frame and in the last frame, then I typed:

tipanm 1 51 max delay$0200 fd2:9 fd51:120

But again, when I first started the emu, I had a pause on the title picture, when the animation re-started, there was no pause... is this a bug in the emulator or a bug in tipanm or what ...?!?


-Andreas Koch.


P.S.: Used the title pics for Battle Morph animation (already finished!) and Blue Lightning animation (not finished yet!) at the start and at the end...

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Hi CharlieChaplin,


But why delay$2000??? (i've use delay4-delay10 often and it does the job wery well). $xxxx use for manipulating prg and dic paramater (depends on which one becomes "too big" on some animations).


Well - it maybe is strange, but i sometimes made the last frame similar to first one, and/or just ommit the delay parameter. Here's complete "kitty" animation with all the source frames and batch file. I think it's the delay set AFTER given frame not ON it. :)


Rayman7? Well - the amination was a bit too tall to fit screen after converting using TIP-converter.



I took the Rayman gifs i took from there






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since the built-in help of Tipanm displays "delay$" I always used that, did not know (until I saw some of your posts) that you can also just use "delay". Anyways, I used delay$0200 not delay$2000, because I had been playing around with the length of the pause for the title screen. Delays $0009, $0010, $0019, $0020, $0050, $0100 were all too short, thats why I used Delay$0200 - alas, the pause is only there if I start the emu the first time, it is not there anymore after the animation restarts...


The delay or better fd is active after the given frame ?!? Hmm, I thought that too - but it looks like it is not always the case. In Battlemorph animation I still have two delays that occur -before- the given frame and two delays (the title screen delays) that only occur once and then no more... So I am not gonna use the fd option anymore, it is much easier to use the same frame 10x or 20x to achieve the intended pause...


Ok, I wanted to upload the Battlemorph animation together with the Jaguar Boot animation and the Blue Lightning animation. But I guess to demonstrate what I mean I better upload it now... Take an eye on the pre-last frame - you see a small pause don`t you ?!? But I have set fd to the last frame (the title again, just like the first frame) and not to the pre-last frame...


There are two versions of the animation, one with "bright lights" (originally a flare-lens or lens-flare effect) and one without the lights on the spaceship... -Andreas Koch.

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example, frames 1..16


DELAY$200 -> fill array [0..16] with value $200


FD5:10 -> fill array [5..16] with value 10


FD12:$100 -> fill array [12..16] with value $100


DELAY$1 -> fill array [0..16] with value 1 (reset all values)

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my frame-record has 88 frames, its the Battlesphere animation. Afaik air-combat is also quite long...

Anyways, here are two more Jaguar animations:

- Jagboot 64k (oh well, the TIP resolution is too small; you don`t recognize the jaguar in the cube)

- Blue Lightning 576k (alas, has a lot of flicker; two speed delays: 9 and 12)


Think I am gonna convert a part of the Highlander intro and Vid Grid intro and then back again to animated GIFs. They are much easier to convert and the result is much better... -Andreas Koch.

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Well folks,

here is the Highlander intro (not the game-movie, just the intro !). Divided it into three versions:


- Jagintro 64k (only the animated jaguar logo)


- Highlander intro 320k (named high1_320k.xex)


- both intros as one 320k animation (named high2_320k.xex)


Have fun - Andreas Koch.

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Hello Guys


Too much animations but only a few good. I think you all should not bother with animations which are unwatchable and ugly because of slowness and visible frame drawing. Just my opinion.


I agree!



Me too.





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So they should just stop playing around with the TIP Animator and posting their work, because someone might not like them?


No one said that.. but I think if they plays with TIP animator it should produce animations and not TIP slideshows ;) Honestly.. do you like "animation" ie. some flight combat scene posted here where you even can't recognize what is happening there? It's just my opinion.


EDIT: just tried TIP animator and made one quick animation... works on 64k ATARI (at least in emu)


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