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Vectrex a must for collectors?


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No... no.... no....


This is one system where emulation just does not cut it. It is awesome to turn out the lights in the room and watch the trail of your ship cross the screen. Vector lines on this machine is amazing. It can't be emulated like the real thing. It really cant.


Check out some videos if you get the chance. There is one somewhere with the Thrust Homebrew. Really really cool. Amazing, fun gameplay.


Star Castle

Polar Rescue...

and a few others I can't think of right now

are really cool games.

A lot of the homebrews are great as well.


I found the Vectrex Thrust video, but I'll have to wait till I get home to watch it since I'm at work. Although I haven't been able to dedicate a chunk of time to playing Vectrex on MESS I did check out a few games just to see what they look like and although they looked different from anything I've seen I wasn't completely blown away. Then I saw a clip of the Angry Video Game Nerd playing Star Trek on the Vectrex and it looked completely different. It was full of bright colors and smooth animation. Definitely cooler that what I've seen on MESS.


I wanted to test some games out on emulation just to get a feel for the gameplay since the Vectrex is an expensive proposition and completely new to me.



I never even knew what the Vec was... until I went to a gaming convention around 5 years ago.

I played it for the first time and INSTANTLY fell in love with it. I thought it was the coolest thing there and promptly went home and bought one from ebay. And then traded for one here. I believe I got it from Crazy Climber. :)


I ended up selling it off with around 20+ games, and then re-bought everything later on when I found a deal with 20+ games all boxed.

Now I have almost everything. (aside from homebrews... and vecflash. I need one of those).


point of the post: try one out in person first, and you will see its charm! :)


It would be cool if I could try one out in person. I don't know of any video game conventions in the NYC area, although there are talks of doing a Penny Arcade Expo in NYC next year which I hope will provide an opportunity to play classic systems, although that is a year away.


There's a classic games shop that has a Vectrex, not sure if they'll hook it up and allow me to play but I can always ask. :cool: I'll find out how much they sell it for although I almost hate to find out...their prices are pretty high.


Although its just on emu, I've been impressed by Minestorm and found the voice synthesis in Spike (and the characters) to be cool.

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I got my vectrex with 14 games in a yard sale for 17$ yeah...I still remember that day. I has one bill of 10 and one bill of 5 and the lady wanted 25$. I told her that I had some change in my car and I came back with around 2$ more and she said ok. I was affraid that someone behind will say something like ''I HAVE THE 25$ and I will take it right away''


I played a few time and decided that it was not my thing + one of my friend give me $$$ for it. He had one when we was young and he was ready to pay LOL

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