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Fable II


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Not a bad game, though I'm currently stuck trying to protect Garth while he opens up a Cullis Gate into Wraithmarsh. It's the kind of adventure game that I feel should be married to the dungeon exploring of the Legend of Zelda series.


So far, my fantasy adventure games library includes Fable II, Oblivion, Sacred 2, Two Worlds, and Risen. I know Arcania: Gothic 4, Two Worlds 2, and Fable III are coming out this fall. Any other suggestions of these type of games that don't involve turn-based combat?

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Haha, I guess we all fall victim to wanting our library built up.


How is Two World by the way?

I picked it up for like $10 @ GS but have yet to try it out. Must be half decent if a sequel is planned.

I'm play Two Worlds now (along with Dragons Age). Now that I've kind of figured out the user interface it's pretty good...

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