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FS: Fairchild System (Channel F) Multi-Cart, pre-order now.


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I had a house fire and almost everything of mine was destroyed, the multicart melted into the Channel F... The signed box survived in display but the signature and the top of the box are completely covered in blackened soot... 

The box survived in the display in my room, my kitchen mostly melted and the multicart was in the Channel F in the china display in my kitchen.. 

I'd look at that fine china video game display everyday, it was a great addition to my video game development collection, I might have had the shortest lived multicart you made, but I am certain that it was the most loved and seen. It sat next to 2 prototypes consoles, 7 dev kits, and a autographed piece of sourcecode from Halo; when not played.


The 2 prototypes have major heat damage now sadly, as did the source code, they were at the top of the display and the heat caused them to change colour and texture.. I didn't have insurance so I have to sell everything to rebuild myself, most of my belongings that survived are covered in black soot that I can't remove from most items, the dev kits had boxes that now are brittle and fire browned, the Halo sourcecode has the same look. 

Out of thousands of pieces that burned and as sadly, of those that survived most will be sold to fix my house, it won't be what was; but after I rebuild I assure you that the remains of the multicart will sit again next to other likewise legendary pieces of gaming history. 

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Hey, it took me a while to get power, half of my solar panel setup is here so I can at least play a few games. Good news, the channel F might have melted a bit, and p2 is pretty unresponsive, but after a bit of playing p1 works great and so does the multicart still! I can't take the cart out of the system anymore but I'll try to restore them both someday. Do you have any extra sticker labels? Mine needs a new one..







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Hey guys, sorry I don't build faster, there were several orders at about the same time.

As I have mentioned through PayPal messaging and email as well (don't know why one communication channel isn't enough) - I build these when I get an order, they're not finished to just put in a box and ship.

Building involves writing flashrom, soldering all components, clean shells from old labels, print, put plastic and adhesive on and then cut labels by hand, cut box cardboard by hand, glue and fold. Then trash and remake if there was any "beautymarks" such as scratches or dirt or bubbles under the transparent plastic or perhaps box got glued crooked.

A lot of manual labour that is not done in a couple of hours. Which is why I never promise an exact delivery time - I can't be 100% sure when I have spare time to do this as

I have a full time job and a family, I'm sure you understand if you're in the same position.


As I have two weeks left of my holiday I expect all orders to be ready to ship in the coming week (as I have been on vacation this week with the family) This is not a promise but a realistic expectation.


I hate to rush these things, my aim is to keep the best quality I can provide. If I have to speed things up the result is guaranteed to be worse.


Stay cool, glad to hear you're eager to game.


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