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The Last Word 3.0 Official Release


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That's right: it's finally available. I've been struggling a bit through lack of time and a heavy, long-running cold, but I was determined to get this uploaded tonight. The sample macros I had intended to include will have to wait till later.


Download The Last Word 3.0 here. You get a ZIP file containing two disk images and two PDFs (the manual and the font catalogue). The font disk and catalogue (by MrFish) are just amazing.


I've left a little code space for bug fixes, etc. Expect a "service pack" of sorts before Christmas (or sooner if serious problems arise). I'm trying to cover myself here, but the scale of this project has been truly overwhelming at times.


I'm looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions, and even if a few people make LW their regular text editor, that'll make it all worthwhile. Thank you to the large number of knowledgeable and talented people who've assisted me on this project. If I've forgotten to mention anyone in the manual, my apologies. Thanks also to AtariAge for being such a great meeting place for Atarians.


Enjoy! :)





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It looks like FJC put an older version of the font collection in the LW3 download archive. Here's is the updated version, and on a DOS 2.5 compatible disk.



Thanks Paul! I knew I'd screw something up. :)


The correct font disk which Paul kindly uploaded for us is now included in LW30.ZIP. I'm fretting now about what else is wrong... icon_ponder.gif


Anyway - thanks for all the praise: it really means a lot, and is a source of inspiration for future projects.


Until I get some kind of member system set up on the website (there's a CMS version in development), if folks who download would like to send me their email address (either via AtariAge or the email link on the website), I'll keep a list and email people when updates and bug fixes are released, just so no-one misses anything. :)

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The Last Word 3.0 Manual.pdf


Slightly corrected version of the manual (now also uploaded in LW.ZIP on the website). One or two important characters were "hidden"... this was Word 2007's fault (it randomly removes annotation highlights, which - in black over white text - are my way of depicting reverse video characters).

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fantastic piece of work. the chapter 12 of your manual is truly epic. I enjoyed it a lot to read it and eventually to understand so many nice details about this astonishing project.


if there would be some "atari project of the year" I would vote for it!




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Any news regarding a boxed (GR8 Software?) version?

Not yet: I was having a private discussion with someone who'd apparently passed my enquiry onto GR8 but I've heard nothing back for some time. I'd really want to get the spell-checker and a decent collection of macros and printer drivers prepared before releasing a boxed version anyway.

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