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Anybody playing Borderlands yet?


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Finally got through General Knoxx. At first I thought I was gonna nail him on the first try... But then the Badass Devastators and medics started popping up and resulted in me dying about 5 times. Got a couple of nice weapons out of the deal, but not much worth noting. Finally realized a basic strategy of: Fire SMG the medics first, Corrosive the devastators, Shoot Knoxx in the face with a sniper/revolver. Run a lot! :)


I really liked Knoxx too. He wasn't a bad guy really.


Also noticed that you can farm the buried treasure mission provided you don't complete it. Open some of the chests, quit, repeat. Got a Dahl Bulldog that way.


Gonna try to pick up the remaining side quests in the next few days.



[ Is amazed at how tough this expansion is... ]

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The gray figure is a prototype in progress. I assume that the painted one is a pre-production model. According to the BBTS link, it has some poseability and will talk. I did a quick look at some other figures NECA has done. Several video game franchises ranging from statues to figures. They look decent from the photos.



[ Notes that this is a 'bleedover' topic at this point... but still felt it was relevant and interesting. ]

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