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Harmony cart "THANK YOU!" thread


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I just wanted to start a thread to say THANK YOU to all those responsible for the creation of the Harmony cart!


The Harmony surpassed my wildest expectations and is easily the greatest piece of hardware created for the 2600. As amazing as S-Video is I have to put this as #1. I no longer need to keep an entire closet full of carts handy to play all my favorite games and having 2600 parties will now be as simple as bringing over a console and one cart.


I will continue to support the homebrew community and purchase any game I enjoy to help keep the scene alive.







P.S. I would have written this sooner but I haven't put down my VCS since I got the Harmony cart until now. icon_wink.gif

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Thank You again! Fred, Thomas, CD-i, Albert and everyone else who was involved in any way! Rep-one-up to Panama Joe as that's how I feel too! This Harmony cart is the best thing for the old 2600! - I can finally play all the games!!! :cool: - Harmony cart + ROM Hunter's Awesome 2600 game Collection(by far the best) = :lust:

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Brilliant piece of engineering, well done to everyone involved (especially Fred). As has been mentioned, this surpassed my expectations also, and is a fantastic way to enjoy a wide variety of Atari games without switching carts. Thanks guys!

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Awesome idea for a thread! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Indeed, thanks *so* much to Fred and all the Harmony team! You guys rock, and I am over-the-moon-happy being able to play rare games and try out my code ideas on real hardware.


I am definitely going to pick up at least one spare soon!

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Just got mine today - and I absolutely love it! Now I get to put my old 8mb sd card to use again; I loaded up 125 games, and still have 85% free!


Thanks again for making this - not only can I enjoy all my favorites easier now, I can load up games I'd never be able to own, or wouldn't bother getting...

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