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Intellivision Purchases and Deals

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If anyone live within driving distance of the Hartford CT area, there is a listing up for someone who bought a wholesale lot of games. It looks like they are setting up at a Flea Market this weekend:




I would go, but now that I moved, unfortunately it is almost a 2 hour drive for me...

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Another Truckin' with map appeared today, and I bought it, along with another copy of Zaxxon (another not-so-good box).. If anyone's interested in the first Truckin' I bought, which is CIB other than the map, I'd pass it along for the price I paid. I believe the link to the auction is in the Intellivision eBay thread.


I also don't have them in-hand yet, though.

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Zaxxon - http://www.retrogame.../details/017244


Donkey Kong Junior - http://www.retrogame.../details/017131


I am not too happy with the prices, but I guess they are quite okay for that condition of the games.


Wow that site is way overpriced on things. Like the Music Keyboard for 500 GBP which would be $768.469 lol

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The pages for each say they are out of stock.


They are out of stock, because I bought them. I dont think they will ever get new stock, because Intellivision games are rare and I guess they are more interessted in common games, because its easier to find buyers.


@ Dude


Wow that site is way overpriced on things. Like the Music Keyboard for 500 GBP which would be $768.469 lol


Yeah, you really have to look if its fair or not. But I bought my Dracula there some weeks ago for 40 Dollar and I guess its not bad, because it looks good. Also this Zaxxon und DKJ is quite okay, because especially DKJ looks great and I also saw it on Ebay sold for 30-40 Dollar.


@ slab


I've seen those, also, and those prices made me hesitate.


I guess you are from America? If yes I can understand, I am from Germany and so I safe shipping and fees. Shipping from the US is about 20-40 $ for every single game and I often have to pay 19% custom fees. So its much cheaper to buy as much as possible in Europe, also if the game itself costs a bit more.

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Have you had luck with items from Venezuela? I bought one once, it was damaged in customs....


I bought four games from the Venezuela guy recently and they arrived today. The box was sturdy and packed well, but one end had been opened by customs, and retaped with tape that read (something like) "This package was inspected for your protection".. But all four boxes were in great shape. They also arrived very quickly.

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I saw that one. I also noticed someone started the bidding on his Tropical Trouble instead of paying the $10 more BIN, probably not the smartest decision...


eBay Auction -- Item Number: 2909004914591?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=290900491459&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


I saw that earlier, and was thinking "Wasn't that also a BIN last night, or was I dreaming?" Glad you confirmed that. I considered that one, but held off. I would have just done the BIN if so....

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