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I am officially finished with Xbox 360


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farewell 360.....nice knowing you.


:skull: My second Red Ring Of Death occurred last week on my second system,i am sure its still under warrenty but screw it.i am selling all my 360 games when i have time.microsoft,you have lost a customer for life.


Wii and PS3 for me.

...PS3 collect dust if you want (that's what mine do...).



Man you've missed so many great games this year alone...



Anywho, sorry about your 360. I'd get it replaced. Why not? If anything you could sell it for more money, or play it.


I never had problems with my system itself, but the accessories. My wifi adapters in particular ALL failed, new or used, didn't matter. Also my 120gb HDD failed along with 2 headsets (finally just got a Plantronics one because the MS ones were horrible). I know that's not as bad as the system in a way, but I think I went through a worse hell because the accessories cost more than the system itself, all cost combined lol. It's why I ended up selling my 360 for a PS3, because I couldn't take it anymore.


One option though might be to wait and see if the "slim" will do better. If it's totally different internally, it might be a good option for the hesitant 360 player. :)




i actually did try to get it replaced under the warrenty, they said it wasnt covered. it was not over 3 years old either....



Wait, what? Was it purchased when the 3 year thing was going on? If you have the receipt, tell them to talk to a manager.. that's BS. Unless they don't allow multiple returns (like, you get one replacement, then that's it). That much I'm not sure of...


Oh well, sell the POS, and either get another 360 (maybe the Slim) or just use the money on games for your Wii and PS3. Sorry to hear about your back luck with the customer service guys. :(




it is only about 1 1/2 years old i think...i might still have the receipt in the box. i will dig it out and see.


the only franchise on xbox that i really miss is halo,i think all the others can be played on ps3 and wii. i might rebuy an xbox 1 just to play halo 1 and 2, which are better (imo) than halo 3 and halo odst.

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These machines are fixable. I think the problem is that Microsoft hasn't been fixing them properly, hence all the repeat system failures.


Personally, when my system went belly up, I repaired the damn thing myself using techniques I found online and about five dollars' worth of parts. That way, I didn't have to ship it off to Microsoft's repair center and I didn't have to worry about being shipped someone else's console. It's been working pretty well so far, although I'm not what you'd call a power user.

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