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The Big Bang - Ottumwa, IA 8/5-8/8


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Wow, shocked this blew up like it did. Here is my two cents. Why are people comparing the Philyclassic to the IVGHOF? Really, this is like comparing apples, and oranges. Whether or not IVGHOF is the birthplace or not, and most likely it is not. And whether or not IVGHOF is has smaller attendance than the Phillyclassic, it really doesn't matter. See, in my mind the IVGHOF,and Phillyclassic are completely different animals. The IVGHOF has a main purpose.


To honor,and enshrine gamers in to their own special Hall of Fame. This is not the Phillyclassic purpose. The Phillyclassic is for old, and young to enjoy games of the past,and present. Yes, the IVGHOF wants people to come, and play games, but that is not their main purpose. And because their main purpose is so unique in the field of video games, they deserve the respect for going with this venture.


So in the long run the purpose trumps the attendance figures. Yep, Walter Day did not get as many people out as he wanted, but again, the main purpose of this place is to give honor to Video Gamers.

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