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Notice 11/12/2011: It is now too late to enter for this year, but there is always next year.

We are set at 42 playing along this time :D :thumbsup:


This never seems to get brought up early enough, so I figured I'd bring it up in the Summer when there is enough time to actually make sure it happens this year :D Al has given this his blessing and helped with the structure / terms. So....


This is now the OFFICIAL AtariAge SECRET SANTA 2010 Threadtm


Your elfy mission should you choose to accept:

Send one gift to your randomly assigned recipient.

Then get one back from another super secret elf.


#1. Open to any AtariAge member who joined on or before September 1st 2010.

Anyone who wants to participate should ask me within this thread, to be added to

the list. You will get a PM back within 24 hours to confirm that you are added.


#2. Everyone who is playing along needs to have their user name

on the list no later than two weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving NOVEMBER 11th 2010.


#3. You will be sending one gift to your randomly assigned recipient, and

getting one from someone else. The value should be around $20 plus or

minus $5. When I PM you for your address, I will ask you five questions to

help your Santa guess a good gift for you.


Note: if the common consensus through public posts here feels that the price

should differ (higher or lower), please feel free to discus within the thread.

This is simply a guideline to add structure.


#4. Shortly after you request to be added to this thread, I'll PM you

your address and asking you for five answers (explained more in the PM).

Please reply to that PM quickly. The deadline for doing so will be November 11th.

Sadly anyone who doesn't provide the data by then will have to be left out, this year.




#5. Gifts should be mailed NO LATER than December 1st to ensure that they have

full four weeks for delivery.



Here is a signature line you can add to your own if you would like to help spread the word (remember to remove it by November 11th).



Join AA Secret Santa 2010 CLICK HERE! Ho Ho Ho


Code is here:

[url="http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/167309-secret-santa-2010"][b][font="Arial Black"][font="Arial Black"][color="#FF0000"]Join AA S[color="#2E8B57"]e[/color]c[color="#2E8B57"]r[/color]e[color="#2E8B57"]t[/color] S[color="#2E8B57"]a[/color]n[color="#2E8B57"][color="#2E8B57"]t[/color][/color]a 2010 [color="#0000FF"][u]CLICK HERE![/u][/color] [color="#2E8B57"]Ho[/color] Ho [color="#2E8B57"]Ho[/color][/color][/font][/font][/b][/url]



( :thumbsup: = responded to PM with requested info )


1.the.golden.ax :thumbsup:

2.brandondwright :thumbsup:

3.yuppicide :thumbsup:

4.frizo :thumbsup:

5.Cebus Capucinis :thumbsup:

6.MitchSchaft :thumbsup:

7.swlovinist :thumbsup:

8.Jibbajaba :thumbsup:

9.moycon :thumbsup:

10.Chuck D. Head :thumbsup:

11.Murph74 :thumbsup:

12.bomberpunk :thumbsup:

13.corby :thumbsup:

14.Cliff Friedel :thumbsup:

15.wolfpackmommy :thumbsup:

16.keilbaca :thumbsup:

17.AtariNerd :thumbsup:

18.Rick Weis :thumbsup:

19.JohnBuell :thumbsup:

20.orpheuswaking :thumbsup:

21.sloopy :thumbsup:

22.Stephen :thumbsup:

23.Jimmy Yakapucci :thumbsup:

24.tjb :thumbsup:

25.eightbit :thumbsup:

26.aikainnet :thumbsup:

27.Austin :thumbsup:

28.SoulBlazer :thumbsup:

29.Chris Leach :thumbsup:

30.doyman :thumbsup:

31.Zeptari1 :thumbsup:

32.Deteacher :thumbsup:

33.RickHarrisMaine :thumbsup:

34.Madaracs :thumbsup:

35.RASK1904 :thumbsup:

36.EricDeLee :thumbsup:

37.BenG76 :thumbsup:

38.Swingtown :thumbsup:

39.hex65000 :thumbsup:

40.Red 5 :thumbsup:

41.raskar42 :thumbsup:

42.the-topdog :thumbsup:



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Should I just start a numbered list on the first post? It's a fairly straight forward process. Just take down names for now. Request addresses later. Randomly pair numbers and forward the addy info.



Go for it, Axman!

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