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This sounds fun! I'm in. Is it normally classic gaming related stuff, or do people send $20 fruitcakes and other random 'goodness'? :)



You will get to pick the gift you think the random assigned other person would like based on the answers they provided. So if you want a fruitcake you can certainly ask for one... no guarantee you will get one though ;)



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is there a chance we can get a secret santa going for us Europeans aswell?


just a thought...



Sure that's no problem. I had planned to use the same "pick em from a hat" method of pairing people with only one caveat. If there were several from one country, for example there are a few Canadians, I planned to just put those in one hat to ensure that the postage wasn't a burden for anyone. Since there are a few in Europe, but not more than two from the same country I think it would be okay to put the European residence in one pool, yes?




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I have no problem shipping overseas, but it does make sense to keep i somewhat localized as long as their is a good number of people in each group...


My only hesitation is, that some people might prefer stuff from overseas, stuff they can't get in their own country....

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