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Star Raiders for the 360?!?!?


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I just tried the demo.

The inverted controls are horrid, the "feel" of the ship movement is horrid, stop me if you get where this is going.

Turret mode? What the hell is that? I'd say more but I don't want to spoil it for you... oh wait... the developers did that.

And you know you are in trouble when the game shows the controls and everything has a function.

I liked the target lock on and missiles but that's about it.



"Hey, we have a crappy new game we spent a lot of money on and we want to turn a profit. How do we do that?"

"Put the name of a popular classic game on it."

"What classic game shall we use?"

"What kind of game is it?"

"Space shoot em up."

"Lets see, on the top games of all time that would mean it's called Star Raiders"



FWIW, I tried Yars Revenge too and it at least tried to be a 3D Yars revenge and not something completely different.

I didn't like it either but it didn't look like something totally unrelated other than looking NOTHING LIKE THE ORIGINAL.

Actually, it felt more like an awkward rear gunner game only out the front.

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I did the trial and didn't care for the controls, mainly because when I pulled down I expected to go up. Don't know if that can be changed or not. I thought the trial moved too slow so I didn't really care if I play anymore and deleted it after one play. The game is only 800 points and just shy of 4 out of 5 stars in ratings on XBLA. They'll probably do fine with it.


I have to agree on the controls - to me, they are a huge block to moving beyond 'testing out the trial'. Although I did finally find a configuration mode that almost felt normal to me, the huge deal breaker for me was the 'thrust' mechanics. Essentially, one has to hold down a button continually to move forward and the fact that immediately upon letting go of the 'thrust', one immediately stops; i.e., no continued forward motion, which makes no sense whatsoever, especially given that there is a 'brake' button which would be more appropriately labeled as 'reverse' or 'retro-thrusters'. I found it way to annoying to have to hold down the thrust button; but perhaps thats just a weakness on my part.


By the way, the control configuration I used was 'config2 - turret', which provided a proper pitch/yaw on the left stick and pressing the 'Y' button to reverse the pitch so it handled as one would expect - however, seeing this pitch change on the control screen wasnt immediately evident to me even though I did 'hear' an indication of the change; I did later notice that the 'Stick Up/Down:' value did change (small font even on a 42" screen). Also, the indication on how to make this change isn't evident either, it's in the very small scrolling ticker at the bottom of the controls screen

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