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Curious about Sega Genesis


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To add to the list, Double Dragon will also not work on TMSS models.

Untrue...I actually have this one and it works fine on both my Nomad and Genesis 3. So if you have a copy that doesn't seem to work, there's something else going on that has nothing to do with TMSS.

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My solution to get stereo sound on a model 1 is to just plug a cord from the headphone jack into the L & R inputs on my audio receiver. Best way to get good stereo sound out of any Genesis and on nice big speakers.


This works great! When I had the stereo I had it lined in to it, and got awesome sound from it-- very loud! Sonic getting rings could be heard two doors down :)

Hells yeah. Genesis was the first ever console that I owned that I actually got to hear stereo sound out of due to this. Having the built in slider to control volume was handy too.


All systems 16bit on seemed to have AV plugs, but I only could use coax until the late 90's...

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I like the Genesis better than the SNES, although they both are loads of fun. The Genesis has lots of great shooters. Also, from a collectible point of view, the Genny is much more interesting, what with the add-ons and console variations, and the options of playing SMS games, Sega CD games, and 32X games. You can't build a vacuum cleaner with a SNES either (well, maybe a car-vac).


Obviously, the most important reason to collect Genesis games is the cartridges fit in all kinds of cassette cases and shelves.

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