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32 minutes ago, iscariot said:

I've had the avg cart for awhile now and I've got nothing but good things to say about it.  I've yet to have any issues with it at all.  I still haven't really gotten hdd enjoying working but that's mostly my fault for not trying hard enough

Do you have 800? Or 800xl? I need it to work on 800 with 48k. And run games ofc :)

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20 hours ago, SviRu said:

IF I buy SDDRIVE MAX or SIO2SD can I count on that it will work?

yes if you power the sdrive externally 


20 hours ago, SviRu said:

Games like boulder dash/river raid etc?

Yes, if they are 48k or less and an atr or xex file and do not require the XL OS

20 hours ago, SviRu said:

Do I need BASIC cartridge in internal slot of 800 to run?

Not if the program does not require Basic

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3 minutes ago, SviRu said:

Quick question. What is the bes cart for 800 48k. AVG, SIDE, ULTIMATE, UNO? I just want to play normal games - nothing fancy. I prefer cart over sio2sd.

Please read first post.

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