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Another Adventure? Yep...


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Using my first post to say how great this game looks. I stumbled across this site while just looking up random old Atari games I used to play and at first. I thought "Oh wow, they had a part 2 of Adventure? Since when?" Then ended up finding out it was a fan made game, it was that believable this was a original Atari title with the box and all. The best fan made game I have ever seen, didn't know people could just about make a full game from scratch. I would like to congrat Keith on a job well done, and hope to see more games from him. Hey Keith, where were you in 1983?

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Takes me a while to make these up, but I've got 3 made up and took a picture.


That's cool, has a nostalgic look to it. You know, like what a video store shelve must have looked like in the late 70's early 80's. I know you just finished making this Adventure game, but I have to ask. Have you thought about making another game, and if so what would it be?

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