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HSC Round 4.3: Labor Day Tournament

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Very nice scores bigbee! I won't be able to keep up with Gigawing, but I plan on, on DDP. :D

It's all about not dying and catching all of the gold multiplier up. When you die or complete a level, your multiplier resets. And when a ship that fires a lot of shots comes, use your reflector to get more multipliers.


I noticed on your DDP reply you use a different technique than I do to get your hit count. I mostly use the big gun holding down the button for most of level 1 and 2. I seem to get lower hit counts when I just continuously fire. On level 3 onward, the guy that uses the spread gun seems almost necessary since the enemies seem to spawn everywhere. Maybe I just have not learned the patterns.




I had no idea I even had a reflector... lol I've been doing this game the hard way apparently.


I tried the big laser to barely kill the enemies, but in the first level they are too spread out to keep a big combo. You need to barely shoot and keep the gauge up until more enemies came up.

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Tourney % are in post #1


Here are the current total tournament point standings as of this writing:


1. bigbee99 68

2. patbb 43

3. MAME Offender 31

4. kojr 27

5. roadrunner 19

6. Cynicaster 9

7. keibaca 6


I like this point system better than last year's. It shaves about 100 points off the overall winner's earnings and subsequently tightens things up.

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Anyone want to help me here with this DoDonPachi thing? I'm missing the "eeprom-ddonpach.bin" file.


Try using an older version of MAME.

Like WolfMAME 106: http://wolfmame.marpirc.net/wolfmameplus-0106.exe

The official Twingalaxies version to record INP.


They made some modification on the rom name and added this eprom file at around version 133 or 136.

So your ROM are probably outdated.

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Tournament standings updated


keilbaca's scores have shuffled the standings


I had to use a new MAME to run Gigawing for some reason... I had a score that had the millions slot in the quad digits, but unfortunately... when I took the screenshot, it just screenshotted my desktop. I was so mad...

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For Giga Wing, i thought the scores were listed like this




not 50,861,042,030 :)


Yeah. The 1st Yellow number is the 100 Million place for some reason.



The reason is that it is a Japanese game. In Oriental cultures, the increment between words describing large numerical magnitude levels is 4 digits. For example, there is a single word for what Western cultures call "ten thousand" (10^4). The way you say "one million" (10^6) is equivalent to "one hundred ten-thousands" (10^2 * 10^4). And, accordingly, there is a single word for what Western cultures call "one hundred million" (10^8).



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Astro Fighter - 5,890


Bump n Jump - 26,652


DoDonPachi - 9,806,890


GigaWing - 319,733,869,460


Karate Champ - 5,400


Mad Alien - 7,180


Metal Slug - 146,220


Metal Slug 2 - 343,600


Vasara - 312,620


I think I've developed tendonitis in my right arm from all the button mashing in this tournament.


I've heard a lot about the Metal Slug series but never played it. Honestly, I didn't care much for MS1, but MS2 is great. Same gameplay, but more interesting levels.


I can post some pics later if necessary, but right now I gotta catch a plane.

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