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If you are not sure how the program should come together and flow, then take smaller steps. If you don't yet know how to write a game, then don't start out by trying to write a game, it will end in frustration. Write small test programs that isolate and perform only 1 task. Once you understand how to do that one thing, do another that you are unsure about. Write little test apps until you understand all the concepts, then bring them together in a game. Also, try to solve the same problem in a few different ways. That gives you the knowledge and experience as to what works best and why.


You seem to be getting hung up on the jumping, so start with that. Forget about the joystick, players, facing direction, etc. Just write a small test program that moves a tile or sprite along a "jump" path (if that is how you decide to do it.) In one of these threads several examples have already been posted on doing that. But you will learn more by doing it yourself. Read other people's code for understanding, write it yourself to gain knowledge, write it multiple ways for experience.

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