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Wich one of these two Prince of Persia you prefer?

José Pereira

Sprites and colours&luminances (can be others) apart, what of these two Rocks type you think look better designed/better looking:  

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  1. 1. Sprites and colours&luminances apart(can be others), what of these two Rocks type you think look better designed/better looking:

    • PC original looking
    • C64 remake looking

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You shouldn't need any masks for the sprites. the transparent separators for the legs etc will work perfectly adequately without masks, as they do on the c64 version...

Agreed. But would still need to AND sprite background with "mask" bytes (From a lookup table).

"3-color-C64-style-sprites" would be ok and would save memory for masks. (A lot of memory and hand pixeling ...).


They'll most likely be softsprites, so masks needed for all of them in that case.

If those are 4-color soft sprites than - yes, full sized masks are needed for every sprite.

But in 3-color case - only 1-256 byte long table is needed.


Plus - it can be any 3 colors out of 4. With separate 256 byte table for "sprite"(bytes that are ORed on top of masked background), sprites could be in any 3 out of 4 screen colors.


The OR method just won't work with this game - there's the possibility of the kid moving over any possible playfield colour. The only way it'd work is if only the clothes colour is Playfield and PMGs are used for all other aspects of the kid.

Yeah... Wall background behind pillars is one of those cases...

It is an interesting idea although... could be used for a different game (one that has less background-front interaction but still has sprites coming close to each other so that simple lda-sta wouldn't look ok).


Anyway... Creating all these special cases makes me feel like its cheating... We should make one standard routine for 4-color softsprite that will work over any background and with any PM combo.

Back to code editor... :)

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cheating? when you have 64k and under 2mhz of CPU (or 3.5MHz and instructions that eat cycles like they're going out of fashion) everything is smoke and mirrors to get the game or demo up and running.


Even with quad core 3GHz CPUs and multicore GPUs a liberal amount of cheating is needed to keep framerates up. I mean you could draw every branch of every one of those hundres of trees with hundreds of triangles, or you could just render one to texture and then just throw 2 triangles at the screen everywhere you need a tree. Cheating? maybe. Gamebreaking? no because you'd need a metric shedload of power to draw everything, or end up with an empty looking world if you did it 'properly'.


I really wouldn't worry about being considered a cheat, so long as nobody is dropping game features...

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At your post at atarionline.pl "i dont see it altirra prince 2.00.47" - just move joystick (cursor keys).


Nicely done.... Colors little of, but cool :)


He is using ANTIC4.

The guys masked on the Pillar are not pixel mask but he is doing byte Mask (remember that the Pillars have 10pixels width...), see that when you go from Right to the Left and see the guy starts masking 2pixels more than the Pillar width...

The Mask are at byte boundaries because he's using PF3andPF2 as White and PF3 the Front colour of the Walls/Pillars.

He then use two Players in multicolour to get the Flames...

TIP: Type '?' for help, 'CONT' to exit

312 0 52DE BEQ $52E7 (N) A=01 S=f7 X=00 Y=01 P=--*B-I--

> gtia







Now he still has the problem: How to colour the Enemy clothes?

Enemy would then be PMs only and it's sword White a PF can because I would put the Enemy out of the Flames scanlines, but then he would still need to Mask PMs...

Still need two routines for Masking (one for PFs of Prince and the Enemy Sword and the other for the Enemy PMs)


Remember what we talked about Char-Mode...

In a static screen you can have in Char-Mode but on the real game lots to re-done...

More, on Char-Mode you'd certainly don't have cycles for the guys soft sprite and PMs, almost sure...


If Char-Mode it's possible, then I wouldn't White as PF3 but as PF0 or PF1...

I wouldn't mind changing the Tiles to fit in Chars but then it would be lots of Charsets (Memory would be almost the same as 24Char-Lines would 1Kb more: 9Kbs in 1Charset to each 3Char-Lines, screen 189scanlines would need to be 25Char-Llines=200 scanlines)

Edited by José Pereira
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Maybe this link would be of some use http://jordanmechner.../2011/10/ebook/

Thanks for the link Stephen. I've read through much of his site (including a lot the journal material that would be in the pdf) before and downloaded most of the technicals there, but I haven't gone there for some time. I wouldn't have seen this if you hadn't posted the link. +1

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  • 2 months later...


You got it wrong ;) I was asking whether THIS THREAD did result in alive project, not the one on Atari-online :P

As it was a lot of academic discussion going on here ;)

You are right, lots of discussion, not much code :)

As far as I can say, no one (yet) made a sacrifice in blood and pledged to do it officially, but I'm rather sure something (at least similar to pop) will come out for atari eventually :)

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