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Atari 2600 Boulder Dash (R) Announced!


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A pre-order page for Boulder Dash has been added to the AtariAge Store!




The price is $75 plus $6 shipping in US/Canada or $12 shipping for points outside the US/Canada. We're working hard to produce the game in physical form, but a Christmas ship date is unrealistic at this point given we have to create 250 special Melody boards, finish production of the artwork for the label, manual and box, and then have those materials printed. And of course assemble, test and label the cartridges. A late January / early February date is more realistic right now.


We are limiting sales at this time to one per customer in order to be fair to everyone. If the pre-order does not sell out, we will make those extra copies available to those who want them.



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Just as an aside, the store is showing an $81 price as it adds the minimum $6 shipping by default. If you select US / Canada shipping, that will be your total. If you add International shipping, it'll show $87 as the total. The store software is somewhat limiting in the options available (I'm being nice), and I plan on upgrading it in early 2012.



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Order placed


same problem

If you add International shipping, it'll show $87 as the total.

no 81$ + 12$ (total : 93$) i sent $6 to complete


sn#38 or 39 would be fine , thanks


$87 is the correct total -- the game is $75 plus $12 for International shipping. Unfortunately, the store shows the price as $81, which includes the minimum $6 shipping. Let me tell you how much I like this store software. :ponder:



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