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Atari Book - Countdown clock has started

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Where will the second volume end? JTS? Hasbro? Infogrames?


The second volume, 'Atari Corp. - Business is War' is strictly about Atari Corporation and picks up from July '84 through to the sale to Hasbro. The third book, tentatively titled 'Atari Games - Last In Fun' is from July '84-2003 and documents Atari Games Corporation. So in essence, these two books are more like different branches of the same followup to the first book rather than chronological next volumes.

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The 3rd book was something as a side project, the history books are meant as a 2 part set, in fact in December we will have some really nice surprises in store for everyone regarding the two books, and also this was why we choose the new titles to specifically tie the books together for people. It took a long time to finally make the title decision, we did a not of disinformation on our titles to throw everyone off in the beginning,


So the 2 part set is:


Atari, Inc. Business is Fun

Atari, Corp. Business is War


Then the side project is:


Atari Games Corp. Last in Fun




We haven't decided on when the final book will come out, probably late Spring 2013...


okay, back to work.

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The Infogrames Atari is still a work in progress, so of course they can't be covered.


But Hasbro? That was a very short time and not much happened, eh?


Again, these are about the real Atari companies. Not later usage of the brand and IP. We're not interested in covering that era.

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We are waiting for them to clear on amazon at this point, and its 10:30 now and they are still showing pending approval, getting nervous, it has to publish by tomorrow and no later, or the books won't make it to CGE... everyone elses will ship and every else will be able to order, no problem, I'm just worried we are only going to be able to show people the samples and show some special stuff we have planned, but anyone wanting a book at CGE may not get them.....

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