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Get Lost!


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A few of you may remember this thread:



My attempts to program the 7800 since 2001 have basically culminated in a game.

2001 - started to try to program the 7800

2003 - created a scrolling graphics engine during a very late night. I wanted to write Mega Man. I got stuck with some of the complications, and abandoned it.

2009 - started the original atariage thread. Community support prompted me to add a few tweaks such as ladder support. It wasn't very exciting though. Started Arkanoid instead.

2010 - moved across the country, and put my development system away.

2011 - got set up again, and ported my development system to a new laptop. Arkanoid got shelved, since I had renewed interest in my first engine.

From here, I spent 1-3 hours every day working on the engine until about April. After that, some sporadic work got the game engine and level design complete.

With the help of a few people (that I'm very thankful for), I got past some crappy hardware issues, and now it can go public.





Ok-- on to the stuff that people care about.


The game is called "Get Lost".


You are a ninja in training. After completing the most rigorous training course for your instructor, he had one final request for you, before you can truly be called a "master". He asks that you go to another world-- a strange world with a Fire Castle, an underworld, and lots of strange surprises. Your task is to collect all of the gems in that world. How many gems are there? Well... that's part of the mystery. Your instructor has never been too talkative.


You ready your ninja stars and weaponry, but just as you were about to leave, your instructor stops you.

"I have one condition on this quest". You nod your head, ready for anything.

"Every ninja must learn the most important part of training-- nonviolence. You must not harm anything."

You are stunned, and put your weapons away. This truly will be the hardest quest you have ever undertaken.


It's ok though-- you just keep telling yourself that Pitfall Harry never had a gun.....




Gameplay is simple-- the button lets you jump.

Left/right move you left and right. Up and down move you up and down on ladders.

Pressing the button on a ladder will have you let go of it.

Pause will pause the game.

Bats, spikes, and fire are deadly; avoid them at all cost.

There are checkpoints throughout the game; they look like up-arrows. Touching a checkpoint will allow you to start there whenever you die.

There are rumors of a "wise one" who may help you on your quest, if you get desperate. You'll have to find him, though.

Feel free to explore-- the world is bigger than you think. And, there are lots of surprises and features.


Here's some pictures:







It will auto-detect PAL vs. NTSC.


Oh, and if you're going to post something that's far along in the world, please use a "spolier tag", to prevent others from missing out on the fun surprises. ;)


One final note. This game is HARD. But, with perseverance, you can pick up every single gem and win the game.

For now, the game will alert you if you've finished it, but there are no end credits-- yet.


Things left for me to do in the game:

- on real hardware, some versions experienced a "black screen" or weird graphics glitches that would happen occasionally. It sucks, and I don't know how to fix it.

However, this most recent build hasn't showed that problem... yet.

- I want to design a better splash screen on power-up

- I want to program a better ending / credits screen

- I need to code up sone music (in progress). It's planned as TIA (don't freak out, read below).


The game is not planned to take advantage of XM.

I have good reason for that actually-- this is going to be my first release (hopefully), and I want to just be within the rigid original parameters of the system.

I know, I know, it's "somewhat the same", but for me, I want to see what all I can squeeze in just 32K. So, no XM sound at this point. Please don't ask. ;)

Since the music will be TIA, I will do it the best that I can. And, I plan to have it disable-able (so, sounds only) via difficulty switch.


So, on to the game.

One note I have for new players-- try not to get too frustrated with it. There are some really taxing parts.


My best score for beating the game is 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 55 seconds. During that game, I died 109 times.

So, that should give you some indication as to the difficulty and length of the game (and I've played it a LOT).

It does get easier with time, and some of the puzzles are tough-- this is intentional. But, it can be done with perserverance.

And, you do get better as you play.


I've programmed this in a bit of a vacuum, but I like the general philosophy of sharing with the community at some point.

Doing so has generally led to better games with more polish. Note that this is kind of new for me, so I'm a little nervous to do this.

Hopefully, I'm making the right decision here. I think I am. :)


Anyway, something for 7800 fans out there. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


Here's the ROM:




Best regards,


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You know, the original library of the 7800 has never compelled me to play much of it much less make me consider owning one, but these homebrews make it very tempting....

Its worth it.. The 7800 scene is on fire there has never been a better time to own one and collect and play these awesome games that are being made. Thanks to all involved in all these great games! Its a 7800 dream come true the underdog is biting back!!

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I'll purchase a cart John, when they're available and ready.


Very cool game... Goonies, Spelunker, Montezuma's Revenge-ish feel to this game.


Thank you for makiing it and sharing it with the community. I especially appreciate the electronic copy.

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I'm glad that people seem to like it so far.

I am very happy to be a part of this to community, and it's nice to be able to "give back" a little.


I'm actually curious as to how many gems people can collect, and what their death counts look like. :)



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Shoot...should have kept specifics...But all I can say is deaths have been high and gems low for the couple of go a rounds so far I have had with the game - which is a good thing. Love a game with challenge.


Another side note, this almost feels like a Pitfall 3/sequel game would or could be like with elements from the series incorporated here. There is a clock (Ticking upwards instead of down of course) similar to Pitfall - Of course there's the treasures to collect but even stronger Pitfall 2 elements - Including the way death is handled and the bats along with cavern scenes. Some boards appear similar to Super Pitfall too!


As a twist though, instead of your character behaving (handling) like a "Harry" would...It moves more like a "Jumpman (Jr)".


Again, just excellent though...It has elements and vibes for a slew of (great) classic games but stands on its own merit and unique feeling as well.

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I dont have the emulator but just from looking at those pictures... it looks awesome! I love this type of game. Thanks propane13 for your contributions


It is very awesome. For early 90's PC users and those familiar with EPIC Games, think 'Jill of the Jungle' or 'Xargon' in terms of playability, just scaled down for a 'basic' 7800. The challenge is much greater though. For a more old school reference, see my previous comments of a Jumpman Jr./Pitfall 2/Goonies/Spelunker type of hybrid.

And I am not implying a Jill of the Jungle or Xargon type-game could be the next step for a game using this 'engine' with bumped up graphics and sound courtesy of the XM. Just throwing the idea out there after it hit me reading AtariBrian's comment of "this type game". :ponder:

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