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Space Rocks Label Contest


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Hernan Callo and Nathan Strums latest submissions are AMAZING!!!! Man all of these great entries make me super excited. To Hernan, GREAT WORK! I really like the silver metal looking label. Great stuff everyone. The countdown is ON!!!


thanks you adam! , the metal cart is similar to my winning label for the lead contest :)

I agree the nathan submissions are great!!

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I'm really glad that I wasn't in Darrell's position. I would probably have taken months and then changed my mind several times afterward.


The chosen label looks great! A huge congrats to the winner and runners up, and a huge congrats to Darrell for being able to come to a decision! :lol:

For me, the label can be the deciding factor for whether or not I'll buy a game (yes, I can be that picky). The chosen label makes it a must have -- and the runners up would have been fine choices as well.


I've completely forgotten the reason I started to make this post, so my apologies for not having a point. hehe. Oh well, congratulations again.

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Hi guys, I am Andre, one of the contestants. I'd like to congratulate Mr. Dries for this great piece of artwork! The spaceship looks fearsome and victorious that the meteorites make you think of 'Spice Rocks' instead. I really like it! The crispy clear cut colors... I might try to make my Christmas themes like that. I might even buy a cart extra so I can look at it instead of mine.


At this point I'd like to thank Albert and Darrel for their generosity of giving carts to the Runner-ups as. And thank you for choosing my art!


Bravo to all the contestants, I think I enjoyed looking at each one.

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Which link? This one http://atariage.com/features/contests/SpaceRocks/index.html?orderBy=newest#submissions (from your own posts) gives


No entries yet, please check back soon!


at the very bottom


Yep, looks like I clobbered a version of the page that had the ability to sort the entries. Not sure how I pulled that off, but will fix it.





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