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Super Game Module second run


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My order finally arrived today! The units look very nice and very professional, great job! Now I just hope I can find the time needed to learn to program games on the CV and SGM! Thanks for your efforts Eduardo and congratulations on your accomplishment, the quality product you have created is something you can be proud of.

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Liberating... I completed main shipping today. I believe only a dozen orders were left behind, mostly people we couldn't get confirmations from. We will deal with those once I get back from Brazil in a couple of weeks.


Two things:


- This last batch of SGMs shipped with temporary nameplates. It was that or waiting until we received new nameplates, as we had a disagreement with our previous supplier. We included a letter with each module explaining the situation, and will ship the final namaplates as soon as we get them from the new supplier.

- In case of any issues during shipping, please contact Grazi support@opcodegames.com


Again, I apologize it took so long, but it is finally done.

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Received the SGM this afternoon. Nice packaging,takes you back to those golden days of gaming for sure. How sad is it that we get nice beautiful gaming and hardware manuals yet modern gaming you get nothing of the sort. SMH....

Anyways I've been playing ColecoVision all evening now. Finally got to try the games I bought from PixelBoy.

Love it but I seriously need an EdLaddin arcade stick bad. Hands are cramping with the controller at times. Too much Zaxxon Super Game and Buck Rogers,ouch! :thumbsup:

Thanks Eduardo,Grazi, and Team Pixel Boy for making the great times with ColecoVision return again.

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