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Re-Started Frenzy / Berzerk :)


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Albert, the booth looked great! Love all of the posters, they look very professional.


Hopefully you sold out and went home with an empty van :)


Call me selfish, but I hope he didn't sell out. I still want a boxed Frenzy!

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Where did you see AA polo shirts?

Actually I originally saw them in another set of pics, but seeing the shirt in the last pic reminded me.... although, it seems like the polo shirts were only worn by the people behind the counter, so there may be a reason for that.. :ponder:


@Brian R.: If Al continues to do what he's been doing, once the boxed version sells out, the cart & manual will be available (again, Al please correct me if I'm wrong).

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Great conversion... Love having access to both Frenzy and Berzerk in one game. It gets a little frustrating trying to shoot through dead robot's exploding bodies when the screen gets full. :lol: It's been ages since I've played the arcade so I don't remember if it had the same issue.


Definitely in my Top 5 favorite PacmanPlus releases.

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I keep checking to see if the store is open, but If there are any boxed copies left, I would like one too.

The store is open--I'm presently making the new games from PRGE available to forum subscribers. This is partly to give me time to catch up on a variety of tasks before I get a large onslaught of orders for Frenzy and other games. :) I'll make them available for everyone within a week or so.



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I went home for lunch today and found this in my mailbox:



It was not easy to go back to work this afternoon.


Phenomenal work, Bob! Thanks! Now cash my check!




Looks good. Eager to get mine! :)


Been going to the mailbox with great anticipation lately. But today was just a bunch of bills and notice that my rent will go up $25/month next year. :(

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Got mine last night and had a blast! This and Scramble mAke it very obvious I need to do the mod that disables the 2600 chip (diagonal waves across the screen.)

I had never played Frenzy before, but am now completely addicted! My homebrews are quickly becoming the go to part of my collection for game time.


My personal top ten for the 7800 is littered with AA efforts from Bob and others, so thanks guys!

Insert AX's nes pads, Frenzy, and pop a can and I'm in gamer nirvana!



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